Matches Made in New York

Photo: Craig Arend

Co-founder of elite matchmaking service Platinum Poire helps singles find love


Rori Sassoon is the power behind some of our city’s power couples. In 2013, she co-created Platinum Poire to help those “who are successful and dynamic and want to empower each other to be the best versions of themselves.”

A graduate of FIT, she was married at 22 and divorced by 25. It was through a third party — her gynecologist — that she was set up with her current husband, Charles. They blended their families and have six children, four from their previous marriages and two together. When she was ready to return to work, she expressed this interest to life coach Errol Gluck, and he suggested she start this service with him.

All of Platinum Poire’s clients are invited to join and vetted through an extensive interview process, but interested candidates are welcome to inquire as well. “I know it seems a little bit obnoxious that it’s invitation only, but there are things that wealthy people really do love, which are exclusivity and privacy,” Sassoon explained.

Launching this week at Barneys Downtown is Platinum Poire Royale, which she says will cater to the “power gay scene.” For this venture, she has paired up with fashion designer and TV personality Franco Lacosta, who will serve as creative director.

You met your husband through your doctor.

I was married at 22 to my high school sweetheart and divorced at 25. I have a 21-year-old son from the marriage. I went for my annual checkup at my gynecologist and he asked me if I was planning on having any more children and I said, “I’m actually going for a divorce.” He asked me what happened and I said, “It just didn’t really work out and I feel I am very young and have my whole life ahead of me and it would not be healthy for my son to be in this relationship any longer.” And he said to me, “I have a really great guy to set you up with.” I said, “Thank you so much, but right now I’m not in the place to bring someone else into the situation. My divorce isn’t finalized.” Four months later, he called me and said, “I don’t know where you are status wise in your divorce.” I said, “Actually I’m finished.” He said, “Rori, I really just have a feeling about you and my friend, Charles.”

Then what happened?

Charles called me and we spoke on the phone for two hours. We had chemistry and developed a rapport over the phone because we were both going away with our children. When we got back, we went on our first date to Il Cantinori downtown and closed the restaurant. We dated for a full year and got to know each other’s children. He said, “I really love you and want this to go to a marriage. But we definitely need to give each other a full year and see how we blend our families and how this works.” And I said, “I think that’s very respectful and something I would want also.” We got engaged a year later and married four months after that. We blended our families and had two more children together, so there are six children between us.

How did your partnership with Dr. Gluck come about?

By pure luck I met Dr. Gluck and he helped me get over some of the issues I needed to get over through hypnosis, which was amazing. After our time was up, in a sense that he was able to cure what I needed him to cure, I said, “You do executive life coaching. Can you tell me what that’s all about?” He said, “I help people at whatever point they are in their career-if they want to start a career or take it to the next level — create a system to be able to do that.” And I said to him, “I want to do something, but don’t know what.... The following week, he said, “I’ve never been business partners with someone else. I’ve put together probably 35 marriages and couples just from my personality profiling and knowing people. You grew up in an affluent family and are not intimidated by powerful people. It comes naturally to you. We should create a service that caters to men and women who are busy, successful and really want to found love. Together, we could really create something amazing that New York City has never seen before.”

It’s invitation only. Explain your vetting process.

People like that because they feel like the people who are part of it are being curated. Everyone, by the way, is completely vetted. When I meet someone for a consultation, they can decide, obviously, if they want to be part of the service, but I need to decide first. If I can’t help them, I will just say, “I don’t think we’re the right fit for you.” Of course, if you said to me, “I have an amazing person who could be a client for you,” I would say, “Wow, this is coming from a recommendation.” Like someone reading this paper can say, “I read this article and that’s how I found you guys.”

What is the interview process like? What are the most important questions you ask clients?

We definitely ask people about their sexual energy because for someone who has high sexual energy to be with someone who has lower sexual energy is a problem. That’s an affair waiting to happen. We also ask, “In your previous relationships, what was it that attracted you and what broke you apart?” Because people have patterns and we don’t want to be able to repeat the patterns that didn’t work. We also ask people what are their deal breakers. Also, we ask, if you have a physical type, what is that? What’s also your preference religion wise? Do you have a preference? Is it okay to date someone who has been divorced? There are so many questions. Some are more in depth than others, depending on the person’s situation.

Tell us about a successful couple you matched.

Debbie came to me and was 42 and had a very rough divorce. She has three children and her third is a special needs child. And I was concerned because we have a database and she’s a nice-looking woman and a sweetheart, but that’s something that not every man could deal with. And that doesn’t make you bad or good, it’s just not for you and that’s okay. She was our client for three months and a lot of the guys liked her look, but I had to be honest and tell them the situation and all of them said no. I called her up and my heart broke because how do I tell that to somebody? I said, “Listen Debbie, I just want to be honest with you. I want to give you your money back.” She said, “Rori, you’re my only hope. It’s like playing the stock market. I know there’s no guarantee, but I made an investment and I trust you and you have a great reputation. And I feel good knowing that you have my back.” She was so kind and trusting; it made me want to go the extra mile for her. I told Dr. Gluck the situation and he said, “I have somebody.” And he told me the person and I go, “But he’s not our client.” And he goes, “Oh, but he will be.” His name is Mark and I met with him and didn’t want to tell Debbie anything until I knew for sure that he would take her out. And he did and they’re engaged.