Best Physical Therapy

by Anne kristoff

The classes, gyms and personal trainers to keep you Manhattan fit

600 Washington St.
Steve Horney says he mentions the “Foundations of Health” 100 times a day. “Without adjusting the underlying stuff [sleep, stress, breathing, ergonomics] you're just putting a band-aid on the problem.” He specializes in Manual Physical Therapy (soft tissue mobilization, myofascial release, massage techniques, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization/manipulation), which helps to loosen restrictions in the body and sets him apart as a physical therapist. And the results speak for themselves. One client calls him a magician. Another attests that Horney literally saved his life.

Evolve Physical Therapy & Sports Rehabilitation
159 East 74th St.

Jason Roth and business partner Greg Babiec have been delivering the “evolve experience” since 2011. That means a combination of manual therapy, injury prevention, falls prevention, sports performance, strength and conditioning and post-surgical rehabilitation. “Whether it's a patient who cannot walk down the street without pain or an Olympic athlete who has trained their whole life and cannot participate in the sport they love,” Roth recognizes the connection between emotional and psychological well-being and physical ability. He takes great pride in getting people back to the things they enjoy.

Lang Hand Therapy
263 West End Ave.
With “avocado hand” on the rise, along with “swiping thumb” and the old stalwart carpal tunnel syndrome, there's never been a greater need for hand therapists. Ann Lang runs a small practice, which can make it tricky to get in, but once you do, it's well worth it. “She was good but also firm,” said one patient. “She didn't let me shortcut things. I'd be in PAIN and she was a good motivator even while hurting me. LOL.” He'll be sending her a Christmas card this year, handwritten thanks to Lang.