Now That TeleHealth Will Be The New Norm, Be Ready To Talk With Your Physician

| 01 Jun 2019 | 02:05

    We are all going through something right now that is sure to change the way in which we do many things. There is going to be new normal for so many different things in this post-COVID-19 world. The pandemic has affected primary health care and the impact is reshaping how doctor-patient relationship.One of those things that is sure to be different is healthcare as teleHealth has blown up because of this pandemic. Telehealth in Georgia is not something that is going to fade away as life begins to slowly get back to normal .Telehealth is something that is going to be here to stay so it’s up to us to be prepared and know how to get the most out of telehealth Georgia. There are things in which you can do so that you will get the most out of your telehealth visits and these are things we will be going over.The first thing that you should be doing once you set the appointment via telehealth is you should come up with an agenda that you want to go over with the doctor. This will make everything go as quickly and smoothly as possible. Your doctor will also be happy that you have some health literacy and are prepared for the appointment.Since you aren’t visiting the doctor in person there are certain things that they won’t be able to take for you. It will be very helpful to the doctor if you can take some of your vital signs such as weight,temperature, and blood pressure.With technology the way it is nowadays, you can do most of these very easily if you utilize the technology you have. There are some vitals such as your blood pressure that you won’t be able to take so don’t worry about that as you are as prepared as you can be.You should also take the time to actually test your equipment you will be using for the telehealth visit.Here is a list of some of the common things that can go wrong doing an online telehealth visit:

    ● Check webcam: Make sure that it’s of a high enough quality and make sure it’s set at eye level

    ● Check Microphone: Make sure that the microphone is working and also make sure that the volume is up so you can hear them

    ● Make sure your computer, phone or anything else you will be needing to use during the visit is properly charged

    Other things you will need to do is to prepare the environment in which you will be taking the telehealth appointment. When you go into the office they have you in a separate room that is quiet and private.Please make sure you keep the same seriousness with this and find yourself a quiet room or space in which you can conduct the telehealth appointment. If this just isn’t an option and every room is chaos in your house you can always relocate to your car as there has been a lot of success using the car so long as you aren’t driving.It’s also a great idea to have something to take notes on just in case you need to write anything down. It’s also a great idea to make sure that you are dressed appropriately, as you would if you were going to an in-office appointment. Now that medicine is trending the direction of telehealth this will put more of a burden on the patient to have more health literacy.Your health literacy affects your doctor-patient relationship in different ways and your health knowledge will make this migration to the new norm telehealth much easier. If you’re more health literate it will make it easier for you to engage in self-care, know what personal health information to share, and to also navigate the complicated health care systems. These are just to name a few things that will be made easier by increasing your health knowledge.Don’t let these changes in society scare you or make you uneasy as this will be the new normal in no time. Embrace these changes as in the long run it will make everything that much easier and convenient.Soon you will be complaining that you have to go into the doctor’s office for a visit! Technology is here to benefit us so make sure you see it that way!

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