Crime watch

| 02 Oct 2018 | 11:34


Spray Attack ARRESTA 72-year-old man was arrested after he sprayed an unknown chemical agent into the face of a 46-year-old man on Vandam Street in the early afternoon of Sept. 19, causing damage to the victim’s left eye, police said. The victim was taken to New York Downtown Hospital by an EMS team. Dana Escoffier was arrested and charged with assault. The police did not say what might have incited the attack.

Minor Muggers NabbedOfficers collared two youths, one 13, the other 12, on suspicion of mugging another boy, police said. Police said the two boys pulled a 12-year-old by his backpack at Greenwich and Chambers Streets on the afternoon of Monday, Sept. 17, took the pack and $15. The two boys fled eastbound on Chambers Street to the subway station, boarding a 2 train. But the two were arrested the following day and charged with robbery. The other boy sustained no injuries.

Dog Warns of Home InvasionA canine companion alerted two women to the presence of a burglar in their house, police said. At 5 a.m. on Monday, Sept. 17, an unknown burglar entered a residence at 20 King St., breaking glass and crystal cups and removing property before fleeing through one of the doors, police said. A dog belonging to a 63-year-old female acquaintance staying with the 86-year-old female resident heard the cups break and made his mistress aware that an intruder was in the house, police said. The burglar got away with an antique clock and silverware, for which no value was listed on the police report.

A Tale of Two DucatisDucatis continue to have special allure for motorcycle thieves. At 1:30 a.m. on Saturday, Aug. 11, a 33-year-old Staten Island man parked his red 2018 Ducati V4S in front of 95 Wall St. When he returned at 7 a.m. the next day, the bike, valued at nearly $55,000 was gone. The man, though, did not report the theft until Sept. 17.

But one other would-be motorcycle thief was arrested after trying to peddle a stolen 2016 Ducati 939 to Sixth Avenue motorcycle showroom, police said. The bike had been taken from its parked location on Greenwich Street on the evening of Sept. 16. The motorcycle showroom manager, though, looked up the vehicle’s ID and concluded the $13,000 bike had been stolen and contacted police. Paul Roth was arrested on Tuesday, September 18, grand larceny charges.