EXHIBITIONS AMERICAN CRAFT MUSEUM 40 W. 53rd St. (betw. 5th & 6th ...

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    40 W. 53rd St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 956-3535. "The Beaded Universe: Strands of Culture" focuses on "the world's most ancient & portable art form?beads" [through 1/30].



    Central Park W. (79th St.), 769-5200. Annual showing of more than 300 tropical butterflies, "The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter" [through 2/00]. "Hall of Biodiversity" addresses major environmental issues, incl. world's best preserved giant squid [permanent]. "Epic Journeys: The Great Migrations" film explores animal & insect migration [through 3/00]. "Body Art: Marks of Identity" body modification exhibit [through 5/29]. "Reaching for the Stars: Rose Center for Earth & Space" utilizes computer renderings & material samples?sneak preview of the seven-floor exhibition & research facility, scheduled to open in mid-February [through 3/15]. "Capturing Time: The New York Times Capsule" displays the artifacts chosen to be representative of late-20th Century life for inclusion in the millennial capsule, not to be opened until Y3K [through 3/26].


    american museum of the moving image

    35 Ave. at 36th St., Astoria, 718-784-4681. Also see "Film & Video." "The Future Is Now" pres. a series of 12 films by Jean-Luc Godard, Francois Truffaut, Ridley Scott, Woody Allen, Terry Gilliam, Fritz Lang & others, showing how directors have speculated about life in the 12st-century & beyond [opens 12/11, through 1/2].



    725 Park Ave. (70th St.), 517-ASIA "China: 50 Years Inside the People's Republic" [through 1/2].



    1040 Grand Concourse (165th St.), (718) 681-6000. "Amnesia" examines memory loss & desire feat. works by 16 contemporary South American artists incl. Miguel Angel Rios & Inigo Manglano-Ovalle [through 2/27]. "Recent Acquisitions from the Permanent Collection" celebrates artists Tomie Arai, Catalina Parra, Ernesto Pujol, Martin Wong & more [through 2/27].



    200 Eastern Pkwy. (Washington Ave.), Bklyn., 718-638-5000. "Sensation: Young British Artists from the Saatchi Collection" incl. more than 90 paintings, sculpture, photos & installations by nearly 50 artists [through 1/9]. "Eastman Johnson: Painting America" feat. 75 paintings & 35 drawings by iconic 19th-century artist [through 2/6]. "Within The Pale: Jewish Tombstones in the Ukraine & Moldova" photographs by David Goberman [through 2/13]. "Kariwiio?the Code of Handsome Lake" family exhibit honors the Iroquois teacher Handsome Lake with songs, stories & dances [Sat. at 4].



    2 E. 91st St. (5th Ave.), 849-8400. "Two Views of Venice: Canaletto & Menpes" feat. 50 rare prints of the Italian city [through 12/19].



    54 Pearl St. (Broad St.), 425-1778. "Washington In Glory: America in Tears" commemorates bicentennial of George Washington's death with memorabilia incl. paintings, etchings & jewelry [through 4/5]. Party in the Flag Gallery with Cecelia Brauer's glass armonica music & presentation of music from the Revolutionary War, refreshments served [Tues. at 6].



    1 E. 70th St. (5th Ave.), 288-0700. "Constable's Salsibury Cathedral: Two Versions Reunited" places two versions of each John Constable painting next to each so one can examine his methods [through 12/31]. Internationally touring exhibit feat. more than 60 works by Antoine Watteau, "Watteau & His World: French Drawing from 1700 to 1750" [through 1/9]. "Velasquez in New York Museums" feat. masterpieces such as "King Philip IV of Spain" & "Portrait of a Little Girl" [through 1/16].



    1071 5th Ave. (betw. 88th & 89th Sts.), 423-3587. "Clemente" exhibition feat. more than 200 works from 1970 to present incl. oil & fresno paintings, watercolor, pastel, sculpture & book illustration [through 1/9]. "Frames of Reference: Reflections on Media by Rockefeller & MacArthur Film/Video/Multimedia Fellows," call for specific films, dates & times, free w/mus. adm. [through 12/22].



    575 B'way (betw. Houston & Prince Sts.,), 423-3500. "Andy Warhol: The Last Supper" exhibits his take on Da Vinci's work through silkscreens & paintings [free through 2000].



    Pier 86, W. 46th St. (12th Ave.), 245-0072. "Defending our Future" exhibits machinery, statistics & Pentagon's latest project [through 1/00]. "Flying Machines: The Incredible Contraptions that Conquered the Sky" feat. reproductions of aircrafts & demonstrations [through 3/00]. "Desert Storm Strike," "A-6 Cockpit Challenge" & "Cold War/Berlin Wall Exhibit" [permanent].



    333 E. 47th St ( betw. 1st & 2nd Aves.), 832-1155. "Daido Moriyama: Stray Dog" features over 130 vintage photographs over the past 30 years. Runs concurrently with the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Moriyama exhibit. [through 1/2]



    1109 Fifth Ave. (92nd St.), 423-3271. "The Changing Face of Family" documents the idea of Jewish family life through photography [through 2/6]. "John Singer Sargent: Portraits of the Wertheimer Family" marks the first time Sargent's 12 paintings have hung together since they were in the family's London home nearly 70 years ago [through 2/6]. "Berlin Metropolis: Jews & The New Culture, 1890-1918" explores the Jewish experience in Berlin with more than 250 city artifacts [through 4/23]. "Bubble-abrum" Chanukah celebration feat. illuminated sculptures & installations by by R. M. Fischer set up in unexpected locations throughout the museum [through 1/2]. "Pickles & Pomegranates: Jewish Homes Near & Far" displays reproductions of a century's worth of Jewish homes around the world with composite characters inviting your children to play house with them [through 10/00].



    90 Orchard St. (Broome St.), 431-0233. "Sitting Shiva: The Rogarshevsky Family Apartment," an interactive exhibit feat. home of Jewish immigrant family from Lithuania in mourning [permanent]. "The Gumpertz & Baldizzi Apartments," restored to 1870 & 1935 (respectively) specifications [permanent]. "Shared Secrets" feat. shadow boxes based on immigration stories from museum's ESL class [through 1/23]. Tours incl. "19th-century Tenement," "The Confino Family Apartment," & "The Streets Where We Lived."



    1000 Fifth Ave. (82nd.), 535-7710. "Rodin's Monument to Victor Hugo" feat. nearly 20 sculptures [through 1/2]. "The Artist as Collector: Masterpieces of Chinese Painting from the C.C. Wang Family Collection" [through 1/9]. 1920-1937 paintings from the Berggruen Klee Collection exhibited in "Klee Paintings" [through 2/2]. Japanese photographer Daido Moriyama shows his work in "Daido Moriyama: Hunter" exhibit [through 2/2]. "Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids" is a loan exhibition which displays 250 works from museums throughout the world [through 2/9]. "Carleton Watkins: The Art of Perception" displays over 150 prints of 19th-century American landscape [through 2/9]. "Only the Best: Masterpieces of the Calouste Gulbenkian Museum of Libson" feat. works by Reubens, Fragonard, Turner, Manet, Monet, Roman medals, Armenian illuminated manuscripts & more [through 2/27]. Annual Christmas tree & Neapolitan Baroque Creche on display [through 1/9]. Pianist & New York Times art critic Michael Kimmelman performs & discusses Bach's Partitia No. 1 in B-flat Major [Thurs. at 7]. Full-day symposium on the authenticity of "Riverbank," considered a 10th Century masterpiece by Dong Yuan, hosted by former UC-Berkeley professor James Cahill [Sat. at 9:30 a.m.].


    museum for african art

    593 Broadway (betw. Houston & Prince Sts.), 966-1313. "Liberated Voices: Contemporary Art from South Africa" showcases more than 100 paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs & videos from post-Apartheid South Africa [through 1/2].


    museum of american folk art

    2 Lincoln Square (Eva & Morris Feld Gallery), 595-9533. "Millenial Dreams: Vision & Prophecy in American Folk Art" displays diverse works from New Mexican santos to Pennsylvania German fraktur to Adventist charts exhibiting folk heritage as well as a rendering of the future [through 5/14].



    70 Mulberry St. (Bayard St.), 619-4785. "Where Is Home? Chinese in the Americas," personal stories, photos, mementos & poetry encased in a structure reminiscent of a glowing Chinese lantern [permanent]. "Family Portraits" [permanent].



    5th Ave. (103rd St.), 534-1672. "Americanos: Latino Life in the United States" [through 1/2], series feat. El Super. "Fashion on Stage: Couture for the Broadway Theater, 1910-1955" documents theater fashion during these times [through 2/27]. "New York Toy Stories" & "Andrew Jackson Head" [permanent]. "The New York Century," showcases glimpses of influential people & events [through 5/28]. "Broadway Cares, Broadway Bears" collection of toy bears costumed like Broadway characters such as Tevye, Jean Valjean & the Angel from Angels in America auctioned off to raise money for AIDS research [through 1/23].



    11 W. 53rd St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 708-9400. Also see "Film & Video." "Modern Starts," People," a three part exhibit?"People," "Places" & "Things"?feat. works by modernists Duchamp, Léger, Klee & Cézanne [through 3/14]. "Making Modern Starts" orientation to MoMA2000 [through 3/14]. "Projects" series continues: #69 with Julia Jacquette's multimedia creations [through winter 2000], #70 with Shirin Neshat, Simon Patterson & Xu Bing's banners [through 5/1]. "FilmFest" screening of post-Soviet films from Georgia, Latvia, Kazhakstan & other independent states by Gherman, Yufit & many more [through 12/19]. "dot.jp: A Curator's Japan Diary" documents Barbara London's digital-art account of the Japanese sunrise. Deborah Goldberg lectures on modern still life [Thurs. at 12:30].


    25 W. 52nd St. (5th Ave.), 621-6600. Also see "Film & Video." "Denk You Veddy Much: The Comedy of Andy Kaufman" screenings incl. Andy's Funhouse: The Andy Kaufman Special & segments from his television work; [through 12/19]. "Television & The Cold War" screening series [through 12/26]. Peter Pan telecast from 1960 with Cyril Ritchard & Sondra Lee [opens 12/10, through 1/9].


    George Gustav Heye Center, 1 Bowling Green (betw. State & Whitehall Sts.) 668-6624. "Instrument of Change: Jim Schoppert Retrospective Exhibition, 1947-1992" feat. 50 woodcarvings, poems & maskes of the influential Tlingit artist [through 2/6]. "Pueblo Portraits: 50 Years at Laguna Pueblo" exhibits 40 Lee Marmon photographs of New Mexico Pueblo community [through 1/9]. "All Roads Are Good: Native Voices on Life & Culture" displays over 300 symbolic objects chosen by 23 Native selectors [permanent]. "Talking Circles" discussion with Wayne Carlick & the Tlingit carver on the "Influence of Jim Schoppert's Work" [Sat. & Sun. at 11 a.m.].



    47-01 Flushing Meadows Corona Park, 718-699-0005. "Marvelous Molecules?The Secret of Life" illustrates similar chemistry traits among living things?humans, amoebas & cockroaches [permanent].



    2 W. 77th St. (Central Pk. W.), 873-0509. "Glimmers of the Past" exhibits silver collections [through 12/5]. "Putting it on Paper" exhibits 200 years of American drawings & watercolors by artists that were influenced by or lived in New York [through 1/00]. "The Italians of New York: Five Centuries of Struggle & Achievement" [through 2/20]. "$24: The Legendary Deal for Manhattan" examines the myth of Manhattan's origin [through 3/9]. "Masterworks of 19th-century American Painting" feat. nearly 50 oil paintings by such artists as William Sydney Mount, Thomas Cole & Asher B. Durand [permanent]. "Kid City" [permanent].


    NEW MUSEUM of contemporary art

    583 B'way (betw. Houston & Prince Sts.), 219-1222. Also see "Film & Video." Retrospective of Brazilian artist Cildo Meieles [through 3/5] "Videodrome" screenings in the Public Access Gallery.



    580 Madison Ave. (betw. 56th & 57th Sts.), 317-7596. Eighty vintage photographs exhibited in "Vanity Fair & the Birth of the Modern Age: Portraits, 1914-1936" [through 1/3]. "The Century in Times Sq." exhibit accompanies a book which represents Times Sq. through photographs [through 2/00].



    22-25 Jackson Ave. (46th Ave.), L.I. City, 718-784-2084. "Sol Lewitt: Concrete Block" feat. Lewitt's minimal & conceptual drawings, wooden models & sculptures [through 1/2]. "On Your Own Time," works by international artists who explore the passing of time [through 1/2]. "Minimalia: An Italian Vision in 20th-century Art" explores minimalist art by Italian artists [through 1/2]. "Children of Berlin" feat. selected Berlin artists since the fall of the Berlin Wall [through 1/2].


    south street seaport museum

    207 Front St (betw. South & Fulton Sts.), 748-8600. "American Tattoo: The Art of Gus Wagner" shows the oeuvre of Sailortown's father [through 5/00]. "As Much as the Sea is Salt: Storytelling & Performances" weekend programs serve hot cider, hot chocolate & Russian & Norwegian folk tales [through 12/19]. Meet Dava Sobel, author of Galileo's Daughter [Wed. at 8].


    studio museum in harlem

    144 W. 125th St (betw. Lenox & 7th Aves.), 864-4500. "Passages: Contemporary Art in Transition" collects works by contemporary artists documenting or displaying shifts from one movement to another. Feat. artists are Terry Adkins, Candida Alvarez, Colin Chase, Maren Hassinger, Nari Ward, & Alison Saar [through 1/17]. Gallery talk with curator Deirdre Scott on "Passages" [Sun. at 3].


    swiss institute of new york

    495 Broadway (betw. Spring & Broome Sts.), 925-2035. "Empires Without States: On Notions of Success & Failure in Contemporary Art" examines the art world in true post-structuralist fashion, as an entity invested with power but without a locus, engendering conflict & resistance. Feat. works by Christoph Buchel, the Subway Outside project, Komar & Melamid, Xposition, Aleksandra Mir & many more contributing to this problematic monolith [through 1/8].



    945 Madison Ave. (75th St.), 570-3600. "The American Century: Art & Culture 1950-2000," part two of series feat. photography, painting, sculpture, film & video & music by Elvis & Ella Fitzgerald [through 2/13]. "Contemporary Narratives in American Prints" feat, the works of Donald Judd, Dotty Attie, Lesley Dill, Juan "Dirty" Sanchez & more [through 2/2]. The "Seminars with Artists" series continues with an undisclosed artist discussing his/her work & how it relates to the rest of "American Century" [Thurs. at 6:15].


    whitney museum of american art at philip morris

    120 Park Ave. (42nd St.), 878-2550. "Fred Tomaselli: Gravity's Rainbow" is a massive work that arranges 100s of pills to look like necklaces, reminiscent of 1960's Op-Art & challenging perception [through 1/7]. "Les Boroson: Underpass" sculpture resembles a cloverleaf traffic exchange pattern, playing off the flow of traffic through the Sculpture Court that houses it [through 3/17]. Elliott Sharp & Orchestra Carbon premiere symphony "Radiolara," described as a melange of Bela Bartok, John Cage, Jimi Hendrix, Delta blues & industrial funk [Thurs. at 8].


    2520 Amsterdam Ave. (185th St.). 960-5390. "From Aleph to Tav: Collecting at the Turn of the Century" feat. textiles, photographs, artwork & purchases from past ten years [through 12/30]. "My Father's Pawnshop" exhibits Maxine Yalovitz-Blankenship's life as a Southern Jew depicted on oil paintings. "Varieties of Religious Experience" feat. Yves Mozelsio's photographs of Jewish people at work incl. a clown & FBI Spanish translator. "The Fairy Tale Series" feat. illustrated folk tales by Israeli-born artist Michelle Muhlbaum. "Tree of Life: Sculpture by Rafael David Sucari." "First Fruits" feat. students' works from the Ulpanat B'nei Akiva School of Art, Music & Communication in Tetach Tikva, Israel.