NY Family: Sam I Am

| 26 Feb 2015 | 01:19

    Samantha Bee has made me laugh so hard I've hiccupped for 23 minutes straight as I watched her flex her funny bone onThe Daily Show with Jon Stewart. She has made me cackle to the point where I've forgotten what time it was as I devour the essays in her bookI Know I Am, But What Are You?. And yes, I've snickered so fiercely reading her "Eating Over The Sink" blog on Babble.com, that I have, as we say in our abode, tooted.

    Over a relaxed afternoon conversation at a chic hotel bar, Samantha confesses, shares and confides about her life and experiences in parenthood with an equal measure of wit and honesty-from working with her husband and the one thing in this world that will make her "Tiger-Mom out," tohow her boobs will look after breastfeeding for 72 months straight. Find out how this smart and hilarious mom navigates New York City with three kids-and what makesherlaugh.

    You're the Most Senior Correspondent onThe Daily Show, you guest star on tons of television shows and movies, you've written a book, you blog, you have three kids under the age of six [Piper, 6-years-old; Fletcher, 3; and Ripley, 17 months], you have good hair?how do you get it all done? Do you have a clone? Yes-and my clone technology is about to take the world by storm. I have a science lab in my apartment? I should, for the record, say I don't live in a one-bedroom apartment anymore. I live in a 2.5-bedroom apartment. What is in the "point-five" room? The point-five room is what we use as a home office, but basically, it's just a different kind of playroom with important documents that the baby can get into. She knows our passports are in there, and she should go for them?and we are not smart enough to move our passports to higher ground. So howdoyou do it all? I really don't think I do anything unusual. Jason is one-half of our whole, so I have a complete 50% partner in this experience. Together, we are constantly doing teamwork at all points of the day. Our work environment is so supportive about our schedule. We are very fortunate. You and Jason Jones, fellowDaily Showcorrespondent, raise a family and work together. Do you ever get sick of each other? I did notice last week, on many occasions, he did not listen to the details of what I was saying and then even when he would ask me about those details later on, and I repeated the details, he wasn't even listening then. So, I think that he has an effective way of tuning me out when he needs private mental space. Everyone needs private mental space. You met doing children's theater. Who told the first joke? Doing children's theater is a free-for-all for jokes, so I couldn't even tell you. The first time we really noticed each other is so nerdy. Somebody asked me what my favorite movie was of all time. I had to say that my sentimental favorite wasStar Wars,and that was the first time he ever really looked at me. You write a Babble blog called "Eating Over The Sink" with fellow Canadian funny mom/actress Allana Harkin. What seems to be the parenting topic that really riles up the blogosphere? We didn't realize that the topic of breastfeeding was the world's most hot button issue. I wrote a post thinking about what shape my boobs will be once I stop breastfeeding. I'm still breastfeeding, and I was thinking about how my older daughter just turned six, so I haven't really seen [my boobs] au natural, with no other usage in six years. I have no idea what they will look like. They could look the same. They could be ten times better?though, that's not my impulse. So what happened on the blog? I was just ruminating on that topic, and it made people goballistic. Basically, I got accused of sabotaging people who wanted to breastfeed, as the message I was putting out into the universe about breastfeeding wasn't necessarily 100% positive. So, our retort was, "Did you not read the part where I was breastfeeding for72 months straight?" What Idosupport is choice in all matters concerning your own body. The reactions [to our blog] have been very positive, and the negativity has been more interesting and slightly more amusing than horrifying, and it's very infrequent. To read the full interview, pick up the latest issue of New York Family, or click [here.](http://www.newyorkfamily.com/newyork/article-941-sam-i-am.html)