War Footing: Food News and Civil War at 333

| 16 Feb 2015 | 04:56

    War Footing The sounds of violence?splintering chairs, busted glass, the aural ambience of a comprehensively savage free-for-all?that west side residents reported hearing last Thursday afternoon emanating from the New York Press offices at 333 7th Ave. were nothing more or less than evidence that Soup to Nuts staffers were at it again, physically struggling over the privilege of writing up in this space the choicest bits of food news beamed to our attention by New York City's conscientious publicists. Police were called; tear gas was diffused; constables in riot gear were directed to New York Press' fax room, where staffers beat each other with mallets and stomped each other's throats. One editor was apprehended while stapling a colleague's lip to the wall. Truly, Covent Garden's Thai spinach soup?redolent not only of fresh, 100 percent real spinach, but also of the seductive flavors of lemongrass, chilis and coconut milk?does sound exciting. It's a "limited edition soup for summer" and it's available?as is the entire quality Covent Garden soup line?at Food Emporium and A&P. These delicious and wholesome soups come in 20-ounce milk-carton-style containers (they're microwavable for extra-special convenience).

    Covent Garden soups cost between $3.39 and $4.49 each?that is, per volume.

    The perfect convenient nosh, we say, for those taxing Hamptons Jitney journeys!


    Until Sept. 4, every Weds. and Thursday between 4 and 11 p.m., Lex 303?a nice restaurant located in the Shelburne Murray Hill Hotel on Lexington Ave. and 37th St.?will serve Maryland blue claw crabs, as part of its Maryland Blue Claw Crab Fest. Man oh man, talk about your good eatin'. Tasty blue claw crabs, with all the fixin's.

    A mere $16.95 gets you the following: a dozen of the hard-shelled little bastards, corn on the cob, coleslaw and homemade cornbread. Bibs, crackers and mallets are included, in case you were thinking of bringing your own. Pitchers of domestic beer cost seven dollars; of imported beer $12.

    It's sure hard to feel "crabby" when a restaurant offers a deal like that!


    An event called Food Network LIVE! will come to Chelsea Piers on Wednesday, July 19, from 7 until 10 p.m. The event, hosted by Bill Boggs, will consist of interesting cooking demonstrations. Demonstrations will be presented by Sara Moulton of Cooking Live; David Rosengarten of Taste and In Food Today; Curtis Aikens of Pick of the Day; Tyler Florence of Food 911 and Jill Cordes of The Best Of. Celebrity chefs, we're told, will also appear in various capacities. Tickets for this extravaganza cost $75 per person and may be purchased by calling 800-949-CHEF.


    Marion's Continental?the restaurant/bar on the Bowery?has decided to transform itself into a "Polynesian supper club" between July 11 and Aug. 13. As much as we like Marion's as it is, this innovation promises to be exciting.

    "It's time to shake your wicky wacky woo!" Marion's assures us?and boy, do we ever agree. Get ready for Marion's Kahiki Lounge, as the restaurant's creative owners encrust the joint with tropical decor (thatched huts, colored lighting), whip up a special Polynesian menu and lay on the tasty tropical drinks. A fellow named Casey MacGill, apparently prominent amidst ukulele players, will perform each Tuesday; the World Famous Pontani Sisters will appear on Wednesdays (we hear they're easy); authentic Hawaiian hula dancers from Radio Hula will dance on Thursdays.

    We stress that Marion's adventure in Hawaiian ambience will take place between July 12 and Aug. 13?and only then. That is to say, patrons arriving at the establishment on Aug. 14 or any date thereafter will experience the caring, professional atmosphere merely of Marion's Continental Restaurant & Lounge?not of Marion's special Kahiki Lounge. Patrons arriving at the establishment before Aug. 13 and after July 12, however?such being the stipulated dates?will find, as promised, Hawaiian pleasures and decor.

    Marion's is located at 354 Bowery (betw. 4th & Great Jones Sts.). Phone: 475-7621.

    Contributor: Andrey Slivka. E-mail tips and comments to [souptonuts@nypress.com](mailto:souptonuts@nypress.com) or fax to 244-9864.