Parking Garage Manager Who Died In April 18th Collapse Is Laid To Rest

He is survived by his finance and six children, including a daughter on the NYPD who is pregnant with a grandchild who will never see her grandfather. Eric Adams attends funeral.

| 01 May 2023 | 03:26

The parking garage manager who tragically died when the garage where he worked collapsed in downtown Manhattan was laid to rest on Friday, April 28th.

Willis Moore was 59 years old when the garage on Ann Street caved in on April 18th, trapping him inside. He was born in Jamaica and emigrated to New York when he was 18 years old. He had worked at the garage for 30 years. His funeral service was held at the the Mount Vernon Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

Mayor Eric Adams was in attendance at the funeral as was big contingent of NYPD officers. Mourners described Moore as an eternally cheerful presence, someone who always had a smile on his face and enjoyed interacting with people throughout the day.

Moore’s daughter, Brittany Moore,who is an NYPD officer, said in a eulogy at the church, “You were telling me how much fun you had at my baby shower, and just us laughing and getting at each other like we usually do—you had such a smile on your face the last time we were together,” according to the New York Post.

“I remember when I graduated from the [Police] Academy, you were so proud of me,” she said. “Any time I had something work-related to do downtown, I would always stop by to surprise you at the garage.

“No matter what partner I had for the day, whoever I was working with, I always introduced them to you, and you always treated them with kindness and respect. I remember working in City Hall overnight, and you always brought me food to eat because I couldn’t leave my post.

“I know you’re up there with God in your favorite navy blue suit,” she said.

“I know you’re up there with God in your favorite navy blue suit.” Brittany Moore, in the eulogy to her father Willis Moore who died in the parking garage collapse 4/18.