Townhouse Sets Real Estate Record

| 02 Mar 2015 | 04:37

    is the new york city real estate market picking up? the new york post's jennifer gould keil reports that a new upper west side record has been set with the purchase of a $19.3 million townhouse on west 76th street, off central park west.

    the buyers are henry silverman and his wife, karen hader, who will have to sit tight in their $4,000-a-month rental at 15 central park west until they can move into their new manse, according to the post.

    keil reports that the townhouse has a garden, two roof terraces, six bedrooms, seven baths, three powder rooms (isn't "powder room" just a euphemism for "bathroom"? we're confused, but then again, we only have one bathroom in our apartment).

    silverman, a billionaire, is the former owner of avis rent-a-car and budget hotel chain days inn. coincidentally, not far from silverman's new home is the days inn on broadway and west 94th street, gov. david paterson's motel of choice for extramarital trysts. but we digress. the point is, if your west side apartment has a few terraces and powder rooms to spare, you, too, could have a cool $20 million coming your way.