Selling Local during fashion week News

| 14 Sep 2015 | 03:08

If Fashion Week is for the global jet-set crowd, the ID Pop Shop is fashion week for locals.

The week-long event is a place for 23 New York-area designers to show their wares -- and hopefully attract a wider following.

Barbara Wilkinson (Barbara Wilkinson Jewelry) and Raoul Calleja (Vernakular Photo Designs), created this event in 2011 when they saw an opportunity to showcase artists who couldn’t get the attention of better-known designers.

“Barbara and I have always been in this scene.” Calleja said, “We’ve known these people for years.”

Designers are picked based on each show and Wilkinson and Calleja try to keep a mix of unique artists and designs - having no more than nine jewelers at any given event, for instance, and none too similar in style.

At this point, most of the designers are from the city, such as Kip Cosson, of Kip Kids of New York, who is an East Village native. Cosson has a line of story books filled with hand-painted pictures, as well as onesies and t-shirts inspired by New York life.

Cosson, who started his business 25 years ago, said he is starting to see the kids of parents who once wore his line.

Rhea Kulcsar (Rhea Kulcsar Jewelry) said this event allows for designers to “expand brand, face to face.” Kulcsar creates her pioeces in her studio on the Upper West Side, and finds that pop-up shops are the easiest and least expensive way to market her wares.

The ID Pop Shop will be held through Sunday Sept. 20 from 10:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Chelsea Market, Ninth Avenue at 16th Street