Rock ’n’ Roll Rock ’n’ Roll ABC NO RIO 156 Rivington St. (betw. ...

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    156 Rivington St. (betw. Suffolk & Clinton Sts.), 212-254-3697. FRI: Drumbone, World of Tomorrow, Spindrift 8:30, $5.



    9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette St.), 212-420-1934. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Alpha Cat, Loop, Blue Channel, Blake Mattingly, Wish. THURS: Flavour Seargent, Helper, Nuero Box, Imposter Syndrom, Detour. FRI: ? and the Mysterious Men, Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty 6, The Casino Royals, The Tills. SAT: Audax, Capital City, Flytrap, Miasma, Muscle Car, Box Office Poison. MON: Konkrete Jungle. TUES: Taranta Steps, Tony Hycand, Jimmys Speedwrench, Chaz Depaulo, Cathy Verrick.



    95 Stanton St. (betw. Ludlow & Orchard Sts.), 212-358-1633. No Cover. WEDS: Saintface, Nova Social, Superlux, The North, 8. THURS: The Universal Chrome, Falling Skyward, Standpipe, Fagen, Perforated Head, Pamela Laws, 7. FRI: USA Wasted, Ernesto, Neruda, The Sloeguns, Red Betty, Lisa Marcus, The Fuzzies, 7. SAT: Early Edison, Thrill Cycle, Pop Mafia, Ambulance, Corky Freak, Caddy Wanpas, Shelby, 7. SUN: Ego Assasin, Full Moon Syndrome, Ferdihand the Bull, Fred Wilhelm, 8. MON: Enis, Tin Shade, Luxury, Kingfly, Mr. Horth, 7. TUES: Ekayani Healing Band, Andrew Vladeck, Holly Parker, Luccky Joe, The Mahones, 7.


    baby jupiter

    170 Orchard St. (Stanton St.), 212-982-BABY. See also "Clubs & Lounges." All shows $5 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: ASI, Ex Models, Mad Juana, Daniela Cotton, House of Red, 8. THURS: Funk improv w/the Jam, Swampadelica, Zaka Tenango, Clifford Lane, 8. FRI: Les Sans Culottes, Ya Esta, Buck Dewey Big Band, Mike Mok, 8. SAT: True Mystic Sound System, Congregation, Basshead, Anita Trusch Band, Ricky Q, 8. SUN: Akim Funk Buddha's Dha Fuzion, 8, $8. MON: Zinc, Super Baby, Lebido Brothers, Silith Fair, 7, free. TUES: Clark Gayton's Epicenter, 11; Simon Chardiet, Chris Barron, Anandi, 8.



    418 W. 14th St. (betw. 9th Ave. & Washington St.), 212-206-1590 or WEDS: No Surrender (cd release party), 8, free. FRI: Big Bad Ass pres. DJs Kenny Parker, Chillfreeze & Nicky Fingers, 10, $5.


    bitter end

    147 Bleecker St. (Thompson St.), 212-673-7030. WEDS: Paul Clements, Esmerelda, Bump City, Tara Lynn Band, Lisa Gentile, Kris Delmhorst. THURS: Redtime, Posi Guru, Kika, Laura Mann, Stuart Davis, Jamie O, 7:30. FRI: Dan Cazio & the NY Bluebook, Mike Plume Band, Scott Sylvester, Melissa Ferrick, Leslie Nuchow, $10. SAT: Billy Hector & the Fairlanes, Alaskan, Antigone Rising, Melissa Ferrick, Brian Fitzpatrick. SUN: Mann Made Jam, Conrad Anthony, Lisa Hogan. MON: NY Songwriters Circle w/Days of Wild, DeSilva Nicholson Band, Amy Ward, Andy Marvel, Julie Simon, Vanessa Carlton, Peter Zizzo, Bethany Yarrow, 7:15. TUES: Delmar Brown's World Pop Experience, Stop Irrational Logic, Dan Nuestand Band, Steve Tannen, Deborah Berg McCarthy, Chris Lowe.


    B.M.W. BAR

    199 7th Ave. (betw. 21st & 22nd Sts.), 212-229-1807. No cover. WEDS: Andy Fitzpatrick, 8, free. FRI: Ken Hypes, 9; San Dixon, 7. SAT: Rick Johnson's B.M.W. open mic, 4-9. SUN: Joe Romby, 7.


    borders books & music

    5 World Trade Center, ground fl. (betw. Church & Vesey Sts.), 212-839-8049. TUES: Kathy Mattea, 2, free.



    15 W. 4th St. (Mercer Ave.), 212-228-7880. or All shows at 7:30 & 10:30 unless specified. WEDS: Natalie MacMaster, 9:30, $20. THURS: Chip Taylor, Cindy Bullens, $20. FRI: Ramblin Jack Elliott, The Freight Hoppers, $17.50.


    bowery ballroom

    6 Delancey St. (Bowery), 212-533-2111. WEDS: The Jayhawks, Marah, 8, $15. THURS: New biweekly party, Sofa, feat. Dominque, Marcus, A. Gram & Holmar Filipsson, Neil Aline, DJ M3, DJ EJ; in the lounge w/Hosi, Ulysses, Todd Roberts, Gamall, Jazzbo, David Prince, 9, $10. FRI: Vic Chestnut w/Kristin Hersh, Rose Polenzani, 8, $15. SAT: Kittie, The Workhorse Movement, Relative Ash, 8, sold out. TUES: Jerry Jeff Walker, 9, $25.



    169 Ave. A (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-420-8392. 21 & over except Sundays. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Madelin Zero, Sunday Slide, Transmitting, 8, $7. THURS: Tammany Hall, Death Cab For Cutie, Wax Wings, 10, $7. FRI: Diffuser, Stereobate, Shiner, The Distance Formula, 9, $7. SAT: Crown Victoria, The Gentlemen, Dragstrip Courage, 9, $10. SUN: Varistor, Calamine, John Houlihan, Portico, 8, $6. MON: El Nino, Downer, Farenheit 451, Further, 8, $7. TUES: Johnny Society, Blueberry, Branford Reid, El Prodocto, 7, $7.



    315 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-982-4052 or WEDS: On the Rise, Earthing, Drag Pipe, High Speed Chase, Motorway to Roswell, Goudie, 6, $6. THURS: Speedball Baby, White Hassle, The Moonlighters, 8, $10. FRI: PR3, Jeff Suphin, Two Tides, Blue Dinasaur Crunch, Bill Popp & the Tapes, Blame it on Jane, 8, $9. SAT: DJ Suedeshe spins bubblegum, garage & punk; Honkey Toast, Helldorado, Nova Express, Jana Peri, American Boyfriend, 8:30, $9. SUN & MON: Audition showcase. TUES: Pillbox, Buzby, Clearstand, Chi, Section 8, 8, $6.


    Downstairs Lounge: THURS: Custardpaws & Mr. Freezy (cd release party), 9, $5. SAT: Black Roots Festival feat. Poor Righteous Teachers, 10, $15, $12 adv. SUN: Urbana Sunday Poetry Slam feat. Jeff McDaniel, 7, $5.


    313 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-677-0455. WEDS: Kristen Boyce, Peg Simone, Yoav, The Matt Sherwin Band, Robin Greenstein, 7, $5. THURS: Kevin Neil Bernard, Kristeen Young, Amelia's Dream, Professor & Maryann, Christine Havrilla, 7, $5. FRI: The Rooftop Cowboys, John Lardiari, Drazy Hoops, Mary Gatchell, 8, $7. SAT: Jarrod Gorbel, Sherman, Rachel Loshak, Deborah, Ghosts of the Canal, 8, $7. SUN: Margaret Valentine, Nada, Sehjong Hamjong, Noam Weinstein, Mpowers, 7, $5. MON: "Alchemy" w/DJ Jason spinning Goth; 10; The Funeral Crashers, The Skabs, Kevin Brady, Bobby Zapp, The Mudpennys, Adrian Romero, 7, $5. TUES: The Scharff Brothers, Mirabai, Django, Megan Carey, 7, $5.


    the c-note

    157 Ave. C (10th St.), 212-677-8142. No cover. WEDS: Radio Action, Paul Coelho, Theresa Hoffman, Danny Fastfingers, Buddy & Mike, 7. THURS: The Bloomdaddies, Buck 380, Halle, Eric Brunmann, The Same Boat, LF Murphy, 7. FRI: Strands, Chris Jones, Jefferson Thomas, Insignificant Others, Jennifer Halpern, Sandi Smyth, Sarah Brindell, 5. SAT: Cybertronica DJs, 12; Shamless, Shamsi, Velvet Confessions, Jodi Sheeler, Emily Curtis, Gil Coggins, 5. SUN: Brian Gitkin & Friends, Rick Johnson's open mic, 6. MON: Pillbox from the U.K., Amy Alison & the Maudlins, JP Hopkins, Rob Meador's Showcase, Eric Adams, 7. TUES: B-Connection, The "O," Erica Smith, Jack Grace, Vita, 7.


    connolly's pub & restaurant

    14 E. 47th St. (betw. Madison & 5th Aves.), 212-867-3767. SAT: Black 47, 10, $10.



    25 3rd Ave. (St. Marks Pl.), 212-529-6924. WED: Drive By Truckers, Glenmont, Popes, Lamont, $6. THURS: U.S. Bombs, Union 13, The Pushers, Skin Kandy, All Ages, $8. FRI: Tijuna Bibles, Fur, Shiny Mama, Sacred, Addiction, $7. SAT: Strawberry Fields (Beatles trib.), Garlic, Dough, Supergenius. SUN: Last Vegas, Drowning Man, Locked Into, Vacancy, Beyond Reason, Lariat, $6. MON: Flogging Molly, Moonshine, Messiahs, Truss Monkeys, free. TUES: The Kowalskis, Under the Gun (cd release party), Malibu Lou & the Superfriends, Midway, Guff.


    416 W. 14th St. (9th Ave.), 212-645-5189 or No cover on Mondays. THURS: The Turn-Offs, Mikey Wild & the Magic Lanterns, Quintron & Miss Pussycat. SAT: DJ Olive, Christian Marclay & Lee Renaldo, Bardo Pond. MON: Alice Texas, Brock Mumford, Fiona McBain.


    cutting room

    19 W. 24th St. (betw. B'way & 6th Ave.), 212-691-1900. THURS: Herbert Fox Art party. FRI: Zaka Tenango Sunday Slide. SAT: Jewish Singles party. TUES: Singles party w/Victor Jones Jazz Jam.


    don hill's

    511 Greenwich St. (Spring St.), 212-691-7731. WEDS: Röck Cändy w/Unband, Manscouts of Amercia, Manik, Röck Cändy Band feat. Zane from Starr, 9, $5, free for those sportin' big hair.



    144 Bleecker St. (betw. Thomson St. & La Guardia Place), 212-979-8434 or WEDS: Orion's Belt, Rhino 2 Rhino, Bango Spider, Third Frequency, VibeRation, $7. THURS: Killing Heidi, Channeling Owen, Tonya Hall, Foreign Exchange, $7. FRI: Urboni Jam in the lounge, free; Slave Kids, The Even Time, Purple, More, Billy Populus, Bumpus, $8. SAT: De-Flow in the lounge, free; John Steele, Moses Soul Fish, Mock Turtle, Young Socrates, Unspun, Fat City Express, $8. MON: African Denzimo, Soul Shaker, Spider Baby, Ben Fedder. TUES: Plum Village, Wendy IP, Dawn of Mundane, Miranda, Chump Pot, $7.



    765 Manhattan Ave. (Meserole Ave.), Williamsburg, 718-383-5723. THURS: Billy Kelly hosts Songwriters Circle w/Amy Fairchild, Kelly Owens, 10, $5.



    Time Cafe, 380 Lafayette St. (Great Jones St.), 212-533-7000 or Two drink min. WEDS: John Doe, 8, $10. THURS: Mingus Big Band, 8:30 & 11, $18. FRI: Michelle Malone, 9:30, $10; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $15. SAT: Mecca Bodega, Spookarama, 9:30, $12; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $15. SUN: Lady Bunny's "A Taste of Bunny," 9:30, $12; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $12. MON: ASCAP Quiet on the Set w/Jennie Devoe, 7, $10. TUES: Suzanne Vega, Jack Hardy, 8, $30.



    100 Washington St (Rector St.), 212-344-3777. Shows at 6. No cover. FRI & SAT: Chanteuse Phoebe Legere.


    1843 1st Ave. (betw. 95th & 96th Sts.), 212-722-8635. Shows at 9 on Weds. & Tues., 10 on Thurs.-Sat., no cover. WEDS: Andy Aledort, the Groove Kings. THURS: Miss Babs B'Day Bash, 9. FRI: Bill Kirchen. SAT: Lex Grey. TUES: Jen Jones hosts "The Most Dangerous Girls Night Out in NYC" w/The Cameros.


    Irving Plaza

    17 Irving Pl. (15th St.), 212-777-6800. WEDS: Train, The Gas Giants, 8, $18, $16.50 adv. THURS: Mickey Hart Band feat. Vince Welnick, 8, $30, $26.75 adv. FRI: Travis, Leona Naess, 8, sold out. SAT: Deep Banana Blackout, 8, $18. MON: Wire, DJ Otefsu, Pansonic, 8, $22, $20 adv. TUES: Verticle Horizon, 8, sold out.


    55 Washington Sq. S. (Thompson St.), 212-749-6866. FRI: "Stomp Out Hate: Make Room For All" music/DJ party for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender people 25 & under feat. American Pistil, Gina Young, DJ Kate Schellenbach, 8-12:30 a.m., $3.

    Knitting Factory

    74 Leonard St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 212-219-3055 or

    Main Space: WEDS: Alpha Yaya Diallo, Juan-Carlos Formell, Laurel MacDonald, 8, $10. THURS: Cat Power, Michael Hurley, 8 & 10:30, $12. FRI: Black Beetle The Sadies, 10, $8-$10; Louie Belogenis/Roy Campell Jr. Quartet, 8, $10. SAT: Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Larry Fast, Jesse Gress, 8 & 10:30, $17. SUN: Karen Casey, 8, $10-$12. MON: Thrones, Pig Destroyer, 8, $8. TUES: Joey Calderazzo, 8 & 10, $15-$18. KnitActive Sound Stage: WEDS: Sound of Village Duo, 10, $6; Sara Holtzschue, 8, $7. THURS: Travis Sullivan, 10, $6; Bloomziv, 8, $6. FRI: Pat Donaher, 10, $8; Lee Feldman, 8, $7. SAT: Gypsophilia, 10, $7; Georg Graewe Trio, 8, $10; Poetry Series, 6, $5. SUN: Saint Low, 10, $10. MON: Decompositions: A jazz meltdown of the works of Philip Sousa, feat. "50 USA" & Penny Arcade, 9:30, $10; David Fiuczynski, 7:30, $10. Old Office: WEDS: Stephan Smith, 9:30, $7; Kazu Live Blue feat. Bill Ware III, 7, $7. THURS: Schulldogs, 8 & 9:30, $7. FRI: Tim Berne's Quicksand, 8 & 9:30, $10. SAT & SUN: Tim Berne's Paraphrase, 8 & 9:30, $10. MON: Jenny Scheinmann, 9:30, $6; Gotham Writers' Workshop, 7, free. TUES: Spirals, 10, $6; Mark Taylor, 8, $7; Eletfa, 8 & 9:30, $8. Tap Bar: WEDS: Benoir w/Sauce on the Side, 11, free. THURS: J. Granelli's Magnetic Donkey Party, 11, free. FRI: Peter Mazza, 11, free. SAT: Gutbucket, 11, free. MON: Clowns Ohad Talmor, Russ Johnson, Kermit Driscoll, Scott Newman, 11, free. TUES: Avram Ferer, 11, free.  


    162 Ave. B (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-529-8463. Sun.-Thurs. shows at 9, Fri. & Sat. at 11, no cover. WEDS: Smash Palace. THURS: Better Off Dead. FRI: Fu King. SAT: Coal Palace Kings. SUN: National Stranger. TUES: Bob Perry Band.



    660 6th Ave. (20th St.), 212-807-7850. WEDS: Lust Rock 'n' Roll pres. Fishbone, The Pilfers, Rustin Overtones, 7:30, $15, $10/pass.


    lion's den

    214 Sullivan St. (betw. Bleecker & W. 3rd Sts.), 212-477-2782 or All shows at 8 pm unless specified. 18 & over. THURS: Beilzbeha, Craig Mitchel, Black Light Band, 9, $10. FRI: Virginia Coalition, Carbon Leaf, 10, $8. SAT: Moonboot Lover, Brother Chameleon, Mindface, Dan Rendine Band, 8, $10.


    the living room

    84 Stanton St. (Allen St.), 212-533-7235 or No cover. WEDS: Songwriters Circle w/Greta Gertler, Dogwood Moon, Jeff Epstein, Amanda Thorpe, Stephanie Seymore, James Mastro, Bob Perry, Julia Greenburg, Barbara Kessler, 7. THURS: Jim Allen, Dave's True Story, Charlie in the Box, Mimi Cross, Micheline Van Hautem, 7. FRI: The Voices, Jesse Harris & the Ferdinandos, Katherine Blodget, Jen Chapin, Chris Stewart, 7. SAT: Phil Hummer & the Buzzards, Shana Young, Leni Stern, Kevin So, Gonzalo Silva, Peter Wilde, Leif w/the Miles Arntzen Band, 5. SUN: Daniel Harnet, Dana Baron, 8. MON: Morgan Taylor, Tony Scherr, Norah Jones, Loni Point, 7. TUES: Greg Naughton, Chris Stopa, Lianna Smith, Bob Hillman, Luka Mundaca, 7.


    THE lounge

    158 W. 72nd St. (betw. Columbus & Amsterdam Aves.), 212-362-2590. WEDS: Scott Healy-Glenn Alexander Group, 10:30.



    171 Ludlow St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 212-260-2323. All shows at 9, no cover. WEDS: Fagen, Akasa. THURS: Dr. Obvious, Frank Bango. FRI: C'Mon, Darby Jones, Tricia Scotti. SAT: Saint Face, Picasso Jones, Elba Snow MON: Rollie Fingers, Dame. TUES: The Problems, FlezaDoza.



    99 Ave. B (betw. 6th & 7th Sts.), 212-982-2511. All shows at 10 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: The Inch Worms (band from Hedwig & the Angry Inch), Truck, 9. THURS: Jonny Chan & the New Dynasty Six (recording for live album). SAT: Adam Roth. SUN: The Gowanus Canal Boys. MON: Beat Rodeo. TUES: "Hardcore," weekly party feat. hosts Misstress Formika & music by The Bullys, $5.


    1039 Washington St. (11th St.) Hoboken, 201-798-4064. WEDS: Sally Taylor, Brian Kelley, 9, $8. THURS: John Doe (solo), Mike Errico, 9, $10. FRI: The Jayhawks, Walter Salas-Humara, 10, sold out. SAT: American Standard, Demonspeed, The Nolan Gate, 10, $6. SUN: Rudy Ray Moore (Dolemite), 9, $10. TUES: Kick Out the Jams DJ Series: Dennis Diken, 8, free.



    269 E. Houston St. (Suffolk St.), 212-254-0688 or WEDS: Starstruck: Ozzy Osbourne trib. w/Slut 'Em Go, Novena, Supervillan, Diabla, Snuka, Caroly Raw, Boiler Maker. THURS: Gloss. FRI: Mistress, DJ Frida. SAT: Melissa & Scrappy w/Djs Snoopy & BK Brewster, Karyn Kuhl Experience, Ms. Pacman, 9. SUN: Mumia benefit w/Ricanstruction, Queen Bee, Trance, Lily of the Valley, Yejide, Night Queen, Moreplay, Margot Gomez, DJ Tim, 7-12. TUES: Troye & Kendra pres. Queersearch.



    217 E. Houston St. (betw. Ludlow & Essex Sts.), 212-260-4700. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Mendoza Line, Mary Timony (Helium), 8:30, $10. THURS: The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, AEUK, The Count, 8, $10. FRI: Jesse Dayton & The Road Kings, Mannix, Extra Virgin, The Blue Benn, 7:30, $8. MON: Nina Hynes, Sergent Garcia, 10 Speed Racer, Velour, 7, $8. TUES: Grandaddy, Mararin (18 & over), $8.



    915 B'way (21st St.), 212-592-3700. FRI & SAT: Diana Hubka (cd release party), 7:30.



    213 2nd Ave. (13th St.), 212-473-9398. 18 & over, no re-entry under 21. SAT: The Push Ponies, The X-Possibles, Stockyard Stoics, One Sided War, 9.



    317 E. Houston St. (Attorney St.), 212-673-6270. See also "Skits & Improv." THURS: Flogging Molly, 9:30. MON: Plan B, 8:30, c.


    pete's candy store

    709 Lorimer St. (Frost St.), Williamsburg, 718-302-3770. No cover. WEDS: Bruce Martin & open mic, 9-12. THURS: Bargain Holidays, 10-1. FRI: Andrew Wyatt, 9. SAT: The Ferdinandos, 10. SUN: Lizzie West, 9. MON: Mark Geary, Jennifer Jackson, 9. TUES: Poka Poka, 9.



    261 Driggs Ave. (Eckford St.), Greenpoint, 212-252-6800 or Beer & Sausage Festival Weds.-Fri., $15, $40/3-day pass. WEDS: The Hungry March Band, Andrew WK, The Melted Man, People Like Us, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, DJ Bill Bronson, 8. THURS: Electrophilia, Flux Information Sciences, Speedranch Jansky Noise, To Live & Shave in L.A., Matt Wand w/Vicki Bennett, DJ Otefsu (Foetus), 8. FRI: Lary Seven, Electro-Putas, Pita, Christian Fennesz, Ed Quist, Pan Sonic, DJ Fabio Roberti, 8.



    409 Kent Ave. (B'way), Williamsburg, 718-388-3929. SAT: Spindrift, World of Tomorrow, 10, free.



    285 W. B'way (Canal St.), 212-941-0900. WEDS: American Pearl, 8:30, $10, $8 adv.


    the sidewalk cafe

    94 Ave. A (6th St.), 212-473-7373. WEDS: Hammel on Trial, Miguel Gonzalez, Ultra Venus, Kaki, Kid Lucky, 7:30. THURS: Jioe, Spencer, Jason Pendergraft, The Lineman, John Kelly, Pluto, 7. FRI: No Artificial Colors, Ruth Gerson, The Cucumbers, Miller's Farm, Trancesenders, 7. SAT: Das Phrogge, The Humans, David Dragov, Schwervon, Jon Berger, Agro, 8. SUN: Joe Bendik, Dave Deporis, Matt Katz, Badger, Love's Greatest Losers, Huff, 8:30. MON: The Antihoot w/Lach, sign-up at 7:30. TUES: Francis Garcia, Ish Marquez, Ken Webb, Andy Germak, Diane Cluck, Bill Kelly, James Mineheart, 7:30.



    204 Varick St. (Houston St.), 212-243-4940. WEDS: Boca Livre, 8 & 10, $18. THURS: Gil Scott-Heron, 8 & 10, $20, $18 adv. FRI: French Caribbean dance party, 12 & 2 a.m. SAT: Karnival, 2 a.m., $10; Brazilian All-Star, 8, 10 & 12 a.m., $10. SUN: Mother's Day Bossa Nova Brunch, 1 & 4; MON: The Bad Street Boys, 9 & 11. TUES: Yellowman, 9 & 12, $20.



    244 E. Houston St. (Ave. A), 212-353-1740. WEDS: Sploog, Van gough's Radio, Poor & Burning, Keith Monacchio, Gravel. THURS: Graphic, The Sweathogs, Thundercats, Corrosive 8, The New Universal Cycher, Valve. FRI: Laughing Amigos, Beers on Joe, Into Darkness, Karen Rush, Cut Up, Hudson Dusters, Guzzman Lung. SAT: Sadness, Ezra Nanes, My Own Grenade, Bitch Cat, Royal Japanese Daycare, L.F. Ant, Underwhelmed. SUN: Live drum 'n' bass w/Swiss Chris. TUES: PT's Revenge, Violet Daydream, Element Six, Wow Flutter.


    westbeth Music Hall

    151 Bank St. (betw. West & Washington Sts.), 212-741-0391. FRI: Gogolbordello, Botanica (feat. David Wm. Sims), Kid Congo Powers, 10:30, $10.


    161 Hudson St. (Laight St.), 212-966-4225. WEDS: The Push Stars, Seventh House, Jaded, 8:30, $8. THURS: Big Daddy Kane, Prince Paul, Juggaknots w/Breeze & Mr. Len, DJ Avee, Percee P, Ripshot, $20, $18 adv. FRI: The Slip, Schleigho, Joe Deninzone & Stratospherius, 9. SAT: Soulive, Roz Nash Quartet, 9.



    aaron davis hall

    City College, W. 135th St. (Convent Ave.), 212-650-7148. FRI: Diedre Murray & Tango Blue, 7:30, $18. SAT: "Avant Noir" seeks out the future of black rock music w/Burnt Sugar, Psycho Chamber Ensemble, 7:30, $18.



    315 W. 44th St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 212-581-3080 or Shows at 9 & 11 (& 12:30 Fri & Sat). Music charge & $10 min; 1 drink incl. in cover. WEDS: Steve Wilson Quartet feat. Mulgrew Miller, $20. THURS-SAT: "Mobley's Message," the music of Hank Mobley, $20-$25. SUN: Chico O'Farrill Afro Cuban Jazz Big Band, $20. MON: Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra, feat. Lew Tabackin, $20. TUES: The Famous Duke Ellington Orchestra, $20.



    256 E. 49th St. (2nd Ave.), 212-644-8750. TUES: Mark Rapp's Global-Groove-Project, 8-11, free.


    Blue Note

    131 W. 3rd St. (6th Ave.), 212-475-8592 or Showtimes 9 & 11:30 unless otherwise noted. WEDS-SUN: McCoy Tyner Big Band, $20-$35 & min. FRI & SAT: Late Night w/Charles Blenzig & friends, $5. SUN: Weekly brunch w/live music, $18.50, incl. show, brunch & 1 drink. MON: The Berklee Scholarship Jazz, $5-$10.



    120 Hudson St. (betw. Franklin & Moore Sts.), 212-399-0714. MON: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.



    115 MacDougal St. (betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker Sts.), 212-254-3630. Feat. The Wha? Band & special guests Weds-Sun. WEDS: Elan, 9:30, free. THURS: Jason Murden, 9:30, $5. FRI: Cheryl Pepsi Riley, 9:30 & 11:45, $10. SAT: Byron Moore, 9:30 & 11:45, $10. SUN: Bryan Stephens, 9:30, free. MON: Brazilian Night w/Vannessa Fallabella & friends, 9:30, $10. TUES: Classic Funk night w/Ron Long, Nat Townsley, Mike Davis, 9:30, $7.



    405 E. 6th St. (betw. A & 1st Aves.), 212-254-1613. No cover, no min. FRI: The Jerry Engelbach Trio, 8-10:30. SAT: Tony O'Blaney Group, 8-10:30.



    310 W. B'way (betw. Canal & Grand Sts.), 212-925-5515. No cover, $20 min. SAT: Jazz Brunch feat. Howard Fishman Quartet, 2-5.

    cornelia St. Cafe

    29 Cornelia St. (6th Ave.), 212-989-9318 or FRI: Chris Jonas, 9, $10. MON: 21st Century Schizoid Music pres. Frank J Oteri's song-cycle the Other Side of the Window sung & performed by Ann Marie Taylor, Margaret Lancaster, Keith Bonner, Jimmy Smith, Lyn Liston, Allen Alexander, Oteri & The String Messengers, 9, $10 & 1 drink min.



    666 125th St. (W. Side Hwy.), 212-663-7980, WEDS: The George Gee Swing Band, 8. THURS & SUN: Melvin Sparks Blues Band, 8. FRI: Ann Sinclair, 8. SAT: Ann Sinclair, 9. SAT & SUN: Gospel brunch & dinner shows. MON: Swing Dance Cotton Club Allstars, 8.



    349 E. 13th St. (1st Ave.), 212-533-6212. WEDS: Tom Beckham Quartet, 9. THURS: Mike Fahn Quintet, 9. FRI: Dave Pietro Quintet, 9:30. SAT: Brooklyn Boogaloo Blowout, 9:30. SUN: The Sunday Jazz Spot w/Mike Magilligan, 9. MON: Matt Kane Quartet, 9. TUES: M.O.B. Trio, 9.



    251 W. 30th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 212-695-2747. WEDS: Cedar, Barclay's Band, Liz Sicillman w/Joaquin, Mobius Strip, Buzz Ray, Pete Tahoe, $5. SAT: The Batcave pres. Unto Ashes, DJ David J. (Love & Rockets), Rob Xian, Bent, 9:30, $15.



    99 7th Ave. S. (Grove St.), 212-645-0600. All shows free. WEDS: Jonny Abeles, 9-1. THURS: Mala Waldren & Jazz West, 9-1. FRI: Yardena & Trio, 10:30-2:30; Norah Jones, 7-10. SAT: Ginetta's Vendetta, 11:30-3:30; Dena DeRose, 7-10; Jazz brunch with Jan Lender, noon-4, $10 incl. brunch. SUN: David Coss & Trio, 12-4; Jazz brunch with Pat Nicholas, 12-4. MON: Howard Williams Jazz Orchestra, 8-11. TUES: David Coss & Trio, 9-1.



    World Trade Center, 250 Vesey St., 2nd fl. (West St.), 212-786-1500. FRI: The Paul Meyers Brazilian Jazz Trio feat. Vera Mara, 5-9.


    Iridium Room

    44 W. 63 St. (Columbus Ave.), 212-582-2121. WEDS-SUN: Jon Lucien. MON: Les Paul Quartet. TUES: The Two Tenors feat. James Moody, Mark Turner Quintet.

    joe's pub

    Joseph Papp Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St. (Astor Pl.), 212-239-6200. WEDS: Weekly Reggae Night, 11. THURS: DJ Personality Series feat. DJs from all walks of life, 11; Eszter Balint, 9, $15. FRI & SAT: Soul Erotica, 8:30. SUN: Love Bazaar, 11; Anthony & the Johnsons, 8:30, $15. MON: Dominic hosts "Benefit," 11; Melissa Errico, 8:30. TUES: Melissa Errico, 8:30.



    123 Mercer St. (betw. Prince & Spring Sts.), 212-343-0612. No cover. WEDS: Ray Vega "Boperation," 9-1. THURS: Andrew Beals Trio, 9-1. FRI: Charles Owens Quartet, 11; John Stretch Trio, 8-11. SAT: Charles Owens Quartet, 11; David Wandz Trio, 8-11; Nat Harris Quartet, 2:30-5:30. SUN: Yardena, 8; Lisa & Josue, 4-7. MON: Leslie Pintchik Trio. TUES: Quantum Quartet.



    33 University Pl. (9th St.), 212-228-8490. WEDS-SAT: Pianist Pete Malinverni w/bassist Todd Coolman.



    827 B'way (12th St.), 212-254-6436. THURS & FRI: Pancho Navarro. SAT: Jazz brunch w/Sarah McLawler. SUN: Jazz brunch w/Orange Kellin Quintet, $40 prix fixe.



    35 W. 67th St. (betw. Central Park W. & Columbus Ave.) 212-601-1000 or WEDS: Ann Dyer Trio, 8 & 10, $12. THURS: Ehud Banai, 8 & 10, $25. SAT: "Salsa Groove" feat. Chris Washburne & the Syotos Band, 9:30, $12. SUN: Jazz Brunch w/Doug Womble Trio, 11-3, free. TUES: Cliff Eberhardt, Anne Heaton, 7:30, $12.



    596 10th Ave. (43rd St.), 212-246-2030. No Cover. WEDS: The Rufus Philpot Quartet, 8, free. FRI & SAT: Karaoke, 9:30. MON: Comedy night, 9. TUES: Karaoke, 9:30.


    Museum of Modern Art

    11 W. 53rd St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 212-708-9491. FRI: Jazz at MoMA w/Swing to Bop, 5:30-8, free w/mus. adm.



    1068 1st Ave. (betw. 58th & 59th Sts.), 212-755-6875. THURS: Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.



    228 W. B'way (White St.), 212-219-8242. All shows at 9, $5. WEDS: David Linton, Recyclotron 2K. THURS: Cinsi. FRI: Zeena Parkins, Janine Higgins, Arch. SAT: Tessa Hughes-Freeland w/Ela Troyano.



    370 7th Ave. (betw. 30th & 31st Sts.), 212-976-8463. SUN: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 2-6, free.



    107 Norfolk St. (betw. Delancey & Rivington Sts.), 212-358-7503 or WEDS: NY premieres w/Gary Smith, 8 & 10, $8. THURS: Slow Poke, Tin Hat Trio, Bob Musso Improv, 8, $10. FRI: Sex Mob, 12, $5; John Butcher, Joëlle Léandre, Ron De Jong, Derek Bailey, 8 & 10, $10. SAT: Joey Baron's Killer Joey, 12, $10; William Parker, Alan Silva, Thurston Moore, Rob Brown, 8 & 10, $10; Joëlle Léandre, 1:30, $8. SUN: Jennifer Jackson, Driver Quartet, 8; Klezminors/Michael Winograd Klezmer Brunch, 1:30 & 3, $10, $15/2 sets. MON: "On the Edge: Improv in Music," 9, $5; NuDanceMusic Traditions feat. duets w/Susie Ibarra, Thomas Buckner, Sabir Mateen, 7, $8. TUES: Kate Duck, Joëlle Léandre, Derek Bailey, 8, $10.



    123 W. 43rd St. (betw. 6th & 7th Aves.), 212-840-2824. THURS: Jorma Kaukonen, 8, $27.50. FRI: Spiritual to Swing feat. Eric Reed, Mark Whitfield, Donald Harrison, Craig Handy, Carl Allen, Rueben Rogers, Mose Allison, 8, $30-$35. SAT & SUN: La Gran Scena Opera Co. pres. Gala 19th NY season, 8, $25-$45. MON: Feature Film Seminar Series, 7:30.


    tribeca performing arts center

    199 Chambers St. (betw. Greenwich & West Sts.), 212-346-8510. SAT: Annual Tribute to the Lost Jazz Shrines feat. The Lenny Tristano Legacy w/Allan Harris, 7:30, $35 [through 5/20].



    514 2nd St. (7th Ave.), Park Slope, 718-499-3253. FRI: Butterball (r&b). SAT: Better Off Dead (rockabilly).



    130 E. 7th St. (betw. Ave. A & 1st Ave.), 212-533-3512. TUES: Jimmy Vass, 8-12, $3.



    178 7th Ave. S. (betw. W. 11th & Waverly Sts.), 212-255-4037. All shows at 9:30 & 11:30 (add. 1:30 a.m. show Fri. & Sat.), $15-$20 & $10 min. WEDS-SUN: Houston Person & Etta Jones. TUES: Joe Lovano Nonet.



    263 W. 54 St. (betw. B'way & 8th Aves.), 212-245-9849. No cover, no min. WEDS: Steve Satten, 8:30. SUN: Open blues Jam with session players, 7.



    Barnes & Noble

    33 E. 17th St. (betw. B'way & Park Ave. S.), 212-253-0819. MON: Samite (Windham Hill Records), free.


    blarney star

    43 Murray St. (betw. Church St. & W. B'way), 212-732-2873. FRI: Liz Carroll & John Doyle, 9 & 10:30, $10.


    jazz standard

    116 E. 27th St. (betw. Park & Lexington Aves.), 212-576-2232. WEDS & THURS: Andrew Hill Sextet, 8 & 10. FRI & SAT: Andrew Hill Sextet, 8, 10, 12 a.m. SUN: Andrew Hill Sextet, 7 & 9.



    1000 5th Ave. (82nd St.), 212-570-3949. Both shows standing room only. FRI: "Bolcom & Morris" series pres. pianist William Bolcom, mezzo-soprano Joan Morris, 8, $15. SAT: Guarneri String Quartet, 8, $15.



    246 W. 14th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 212-675-1567 or See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Sublime. THURS: Junior Jazz (reggae). FRI: Ras Astar. SAT: House DJ & live music.


    swing 46 jazz & supper club

    349 W. 46th St. (9th Ave.), 212-262-9554. SUN: The Central Park Stompers Swing Band, 10-1 a.m., $7 [through 5/28].


    symphony space

    2537 B'way (95th St.), 212-864-5400. FRI: Triloka Records 10th anniversary party benefits City Harvest. Performances by Jim Donovan (Rusted Root), Via Jo, Waleda, Krishna Das.



    90 W. Houston St. (Thompson St.), 212-477-8337. Weds., Thurs., Mon. & Tues. shows at 10:30, 12 & 2 a.m, Fri., Sat. & Sun. shows at 11, 12:30 & 2 a.m. All shows $5 & 1 drink min. WEDS: Alex Blake Quartet. THURS: Xiomara (Cuban). FRI: Nkossi Konda & Peace of Mind (African). SAT: Marianne Ebert Group. SUN: Cidinho Teixeira & Friends (Brazilian jazz). MON: Dave Budway & Dave Kikoski; Charene Dawn, 8 & 9. TUES: Victor Blackman Quartet.