Rock ’n’ Roll Rock ’n’ Roll ACME UNDERGROUND 9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette ...

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    9 Great Jones St. (Lafayette St.), 212-420-1934. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Eugene Iowa, Phat Apple, Corrosive 8, The Thunderstorm Cats, Tripp 7, Dead Left. THURS: Twincam, Hypertonics, Bomb Jack, Strands, DNA, Junior Fudge. FRI: Babystrange, 4 Day Creep, Slut'Em'Go, Deloris Slim, Spredhause, Caught Looking, The High Canadians, Rosa Lee Peyo. SAT: Poor & Burning, Underwhelmed, The Other Natural Flavors, Box Office Poison, Something Just, Swami, Earth Bound Smoke Ghost. SUN: Funkadelic Studio Night. MON: Konkrete Jungle; The Guttersnipes, The Paste Junkies, The Connection, Mo' Matching Drades. TUES: 5 cent Hero, Gelatin Boys, Umbrella, Atomsmasher, Sin Sin.



    809 Washington Ave. (W. 12th St.) 646-486-1110. THURS: Opening reception for Thomas Campbell's paintings & photographs w/performances by Tommy Guerrero & Chuck Treece, 6-9, free.


    APOLLO Theater

    253 W. 125th St. (betw. Frederick Douglass & Adam Clayton Powell Blvds.), 212-376-7484. SAT: Talent Search 2000 seeks undiscovered female pop, r&b, hiphop & Latin vocalists ages 15-22, call for info, 10 a.m.-8 p.m.



    95 Stanton St. (betw. Ludlow & Orchard Sts.), 212-358-1633. No Cover. WEDS: Smoke, Espadrille, Paddy Casey, Mundy, Nikko, 7. THURS: The Other 99, Bob Perry, Julia Greenberg, Birdy, Amanda Thorpe, Green Rooftops, 7. FRI: Dragbelly, Michael Kroll, Liquid, Iridescence, Pi, Jefferson Thomas, Brooks Hale, 7. SAT: Steak, The Highwaters, Christine Ohlman, Penny, Tom Kitt, Esme Montgomery, Puracane, 7. SUN: Glampire, Mail Order Bride, Chris Stewart, The Damien Pratt, 8. MON: Steak, Swati, Corky Freak, Kevin Brady, Skyfalls Down, 7. TUES: The Even Tide, Monque St. Walker, Vered & the Robbery, Uncle Ray, 7.


    baby jupiter

    170 Orchard St. (Stanton St.), 212-982-BABY. See also "Clubs & Lounges." All shows $5 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: Downboy, Darediablo, Zipperbits, Windy, 7:30, $5. THURS: Appolo Heights, Electro Fetus, Lotus 33, Yes Virginia, Gregg Press, Eva Haze, 9, $5. FRI: Elevator Quarter, Freight, ASI, Mrk DrkFthr, Reece, 8, $5. SAT: Topaz, Robin Reins, Ethan White, 8:30, $5. SUN: Akim Funk Buddha's "Dha Fuzion," 8; Culture Jam w/the Young Lions, 4-7:30, free. MON: QF, Toke Squealy, Lynnea, Sillith Fair: all-female comedians, 7, free. TUES: On the Lam, Chris Decker, Papakoo, 8, $5.


    beacon theater

    2124 B'way (74th St.), 212-496-7070. FRI: Maceo Parker, 8, $25-$40.


    bitter end

    147 Bleecker St. (Thompson St.), 212-673-7030. Shows are $5 & begin at 8 (unless otherwise specified). WEDS: Paul Clements, Lynn Timmes, Daniella Cotton, Danielle Casparo, Anne Heaton, Pamela Means, $7. THURS: Tammy Raybould, Redtime, Reverend Tribble & the Angels, Jason Spirit, Patti Slackit. FRI: Mann Made Band, Life Out of Balance, Corky Freak, Scarecrow Collection, Allen Bennett Band, Michelle Albano. SAT: Dan Cazio & the NY Bluebook, Eath Eatz Dog!, Edible Gray, Asthma, Moe Laughran. SUN: Mann Made Jam, Brit Mitchell, The American Acoustic Roots Orchestra, Christian Anthony, Jenni Alpert. MON: Days of Wild, Trailor Park, Teddy Goldstein, Jen Chapin, Megan Fogarty. TUES: Paul Clements, Janet Rains, Fliers Fall, Esmerelda, Jeremy Beck, Kristen & Cassidy.


    B.M.W. BAR

    199 7th Ave. (betw. 21st & 22nd Sts.), 212-229-1807. No cover. WEDS: Andy Fitzpatrick, 8. FRI: Ken Hypes, 10; San Dixon, 7. SAT: Rick Johnson's B.M.W. open mic, 4-9. SUN: Joe Romby, 7.



    15 W. 4th St. (Mercer Ave.), 212-228-7880 or All shows at 7:30 & 10:30 unless specified. FRI: The Bitchin' Babes, Cliff Eberhardt, $20. SAT: "Songs from an Unmarried Housewife & Mother, Greenwich Village, USA," $20. MON: Music of Frank Zappa performed by Palermo Big Band, $15.


    bowery ballroom

    6 Delancey St. (Bowery), 212-533-2111. Weds. & Mon. shows are 18 & over. WEDS: Strangefolk, $16. FRI: Organic Grooves, Asian Mushroom, 9, $10. SAT: Kharma Zhu, Bump City, Dan Rendine Band, Lourds, 8, $10. SUN: Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Rival Schools United by Fate, 8, $15. MON: Juliana Hatfield, Saint Low (feat. members of Madder Rose), 8, $12.


    BROOKLYN bridge anchorage

    Brooklyn Bridge, Camden Plaza W. (Old Front St.), 212-206-6674, ext.251. THURS: Ryoji Ikeda, Naut Humon, Alain Thibault, $15.



    169 Ave. A (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-420-8392 or 21 & over except Sundays. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: The Nobodys, The Heartdrops, Bob Fields, Elamae, 8, $7. THURS: Lifter Puller, The Rogers Sisters, The Holy Ghosts, 8, $7. FRI: Lockgroove, Aspera Ad Astra, Saturnine, Sea Ray, 9, $8. SAT: Madelin Zero, The Manhattan Heroes, The Blue Benn, Rocket (ex-Gefkens, Dinosaur Jr.), 9, $7. SUN: Dem Brooklyn Bums, Losse Cannon, Josh Max Outfit, Mike Mok, 8, $8. MON: Spiv, Laurel Suspended, Liquid Gang, 8, $7. TUES: Spacehog, Jesse Malin & Tsing Tsing, 9, $10.



    315 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-982-4052 or WEDS: My Complex, Blisstones, Spooky Daily Pride, Fuzzy Suzy, Matt Turk, Buzzerill, The Listings, New Grenada, 7, $6. THURS: The Dwellers, Channeling Owen, Simi, Still Life, Short Happy Life, Janet Vodka, 8, $6. FRI: New Mexikans, Jumping Alex & Hilda, Beta, Popmafia, Early Edison, Van Gogh's Radio, 8, $9. SAT: "The Inside Connection New Music Showcase" feat. Desk Susan, Black Down, Abby Jaye Band, Red 12, Marion's Basement, Static 13, Lava Baby, The DB's, Mokijam, 8, $10. SUN: Audition showcase. MON: One True Thing, Bowling for Soup, 6:30, $7. TUES: Depia XL, Depoet & the Monkey, Fungus, Theorem, 8:30, $6.



    313 Bowery (Bleecker St.), 212-677-0455. WEDS: Exhibit opening & artists reception for "sub-jekt" feat. art by Mark Dancey, Ed Sykes, Tristen Eaton, Scott Chester, Jason Brown, 6, free. THURS: Pam Fleming's "Fearless Dreamer," Isle of Klezbos, Jennifer "Circus Amok" Miller, Rachelle Garniez & the Fortunate Few, 7:30, $7. FRI: Jarrod Gobble, The Wiggins, Theo Eastwind, Stuffy Schmidt, 8, $7. SAT: Ninth House, Bela, Terra, Glenn Nano, Taylor, 7:30, $7. SUN: Patrick Harmon, Daniel Jacobs, Rick Donner, 7, $5. MON: "Alchemy" w/DJ Jason spinning Goth, 10; Billy Corbett, Margaret Valentine, 8:30, $5; Amy Miley Project pres. "Boom Blast," 7, $5. TUES: Linda Draper, Jennifer Matthews, "the Roundtable Sessions'" feat. Morgan Taylor, Amy Atchler, Bird, Will Hawkins, 9; Typhoo, Lisa Hogan, Simon Bye, 6:30, $5.


    the c-note

    157 Ave. C (10th St.), 212-677-8142. No cover. WEDS: New Century Music Fest w/Fundemetia, Lotus 33, Roland Parkins, Hillary Epstein, Alex Sniderman, 7. THURS: New Century Music Fest w/Jack O'Hara's Undertones, Kate Edwards, Aaron Hondors Band, Aaron Roston, 8; LJ Murphy, 7. FRI: Women in Music Night w/Bloomdaddies, Jennifer Marks, Jo Davidson, Jenny Bruce, Amy Fairchild, Rebecca & Rachel, Sarah Brindell, 5. SAT: Cybertronica DJs, 12; Finotee Regae, Pualette Kerr, Andrea, Ripple Effect, Jon Geffner, 7. SUN: Ekayani & the Healing Band, 11; Rick Johnson's "Folk Roost," 6-11. MON: James Katz Trio, Laurie Robinson, Rob Meadow's Showcase, Al Lazano, 7. TUES: Wolf, Livia Hoffman, Remy De Laroque, Linda Draper, Eric Adams, 7.


    central park summerstage

    Rumsey Playfield, 72nd St. (midpark), 212-360-CPSS or All shows are free unless otherwise noted. SAT: Common, Tony Allen, Ex-Centric Sound System, DJ Cucumber Slice (Bobitto), 3. SUN: The Israeli Andalusian Orchestra, Simon Shaheen & Qantara, Cheb I Sabbah, 5.


    charleston bar & grill

    174 Bedford Ave. (betw. N. 7th & N. 8th Sts.), Williamsburg, 718-782-8717. All shows at 9:30. WEDS: Black Kamikaze Disco. THURS: Open mic. FRI: Detour. SAT: Joker 5 Speed. TUES: Six Iron.



    25 3rd Ave. (St. Marks Pl.), 212-529-6924. WEDS: Fallen Angel, Retina, Spinning Images, Donadio, $5; Ignite, 8, $6. THURS: Boiler Room, Dragpipe, High Speed Chase, Myrth, Novena, $7. FRI: Lust, Daddy, Battershell, the Godowns, Blow Top, $5. SAT: USA Wasted, Devlin, Suplecf, Atomic Bitchwax, Angel Rot. SUN: The Complaints, Fixations, Trollops, De Quincys Dream, Supercillious, Circus, 7, free. MON: The Hecklers, Spunks, Gravy, Fade to Black, 8, no cover. TUES: Spidernick & the Maddogs, Vent, Clearview 77, 8, $5.



    East Rutherford, N.J., 212-307-7171. TUES: Kiss, Ted Nugent, Skid Row, 7, $35-$85, sold out.



    416 W. 14th St. (9th Ave.), 212-645-5189 or No cover on Mondays. WEDS: The Galerkin Method, Raz Mesinai. FRI: Khabarta, Candy Darlings, The Tarts, Creme Blush. SAT: Salga Party. MON: Work at Home, Jukeboxer, The Action.


    cutting room

    19 W. 24th St. (betw. B'way & 6th Ave.), 212-691-1900. WEDS: Nancy Magarill's Infamous Panties Party. THURS: New Yorkhestra Big Band. FRI: La Bamba's Big Band w/members of the Late Nite Band & special guests. SAT: Duke Jones, Bobby Stewart.


    don hill's

    511 Greenwich St. (Spring St.), 212-219-2850. See also "Music" for Bebe Buell interview. WEDS: Röck Cändy w/Starr, Bebe Buell, New United Monster Show, Jana Peri, 8, $5, free for those sportin' big hair. THURS: BeavHer 6th Anniversary show feat. Johnny Fayva, 10, $5. FRI: Unband, Downtown, Shiney Mama, Star Spangles, 9:30. SAT: Tiswas w/Interpol, 11. SUN: Glamation w/Marga Gomez, 7-2 a.m., $10. MON: GTO presents. TUES: At the King, Bloom, Raw Text, Nani Soul, 8.



    144 Bleecker St. (betw. Thompson St. & LaGuardia Pl.), 212-979-8434 or WEDS: Karaoke, Liquified, Radia, Michaela Wilder. THURS: Keith Monacchio Quartet, The Groove, Milestone Seven, Modusoperandi, Uhm, Deep Feelings & What the Funk is Going On, $7. FRI: Liquored Logic, More, Mirror People, Amplified, Sterling Band, Even Song, $8. SAT: Perfect Thyroid, Mother's Favorite Child, Comet vs. Planet, Boxspring Hog, Beer's on Joe, Plum Village, $8. SUN: MC S., slam artists & Urbonic, $5. TUES: Mr. Superlove, Sunschool, Mystical Children, NY City Funk Squad, The Universal Chrome, $7.

    Lounge: FRI: Zilo Groove, free. SAT: De-Flow, free.



    Time Cafe, 380 Lafayette St. (Great Jones St.), 212-533-7000 or Two drink min. WEDS: Curtis Harvey Trio (ex-Rex), Matt Schickele, VPN, 7, $8. THURS: Mingus Big Band, 8:30 & 11, $18, $10 st. FRI: Driver Quartet, David Poe, 9:30, $10; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $15. SAT: Billy Nayer Show, 9:30, $10; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $15. SUN: Lady Bunny's "A Taste of Bunny," 9:30, $12; "Kiki & Herb: Playing for Time," 6:30, $12. MON: Departure Lounge feat. Spink, Kingsbury Manx, 8. TUES: Sarah Lentz, Caleb, Darren Jessee (Ben Folds Five), 7:30, $10.



    1843 1st Ave. (betw. 95th & 96th Sts.), 212-722-8635. Shows at 9 on Weds. & Tues., 10 on Thurs.-Sat., no cover. WEDS: Moonshine Messiahs, The Sylvester Brothers. THURS: The Hippy Nuts, Josh Max's Outfit. FRI: Quickdraw. SAT: Andy Aledort & the Groove Kings. TUES: John Wake w/Big Ed & the Side Pockets Blues Jam.


    Irving Plaza

    17 Irving Pl. (15th St.), 212-777-6800. THURS: The Jammys, 8, $20. MON: Nashville Pussy, Supersuckers, The Unband, 8, $15, $14.50 adv. TUES: Staind, P.O.D., Crazy Town, 8, $20, $18.50 adv.


    Knitting Factory

    74 Leonard St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 212-219-3055 or

    Main Space: WEDS: Wharton Tiers Ensemble, the Feud, Binary System, 9, $8. THURS: New Orleans Klezmer All Stars, 9, $10. FRI: Richie Havens, Dayna Kurtz, 8 & 10:30, $20. SAT: Versus, 9, $10. SUN: Rustic Overtones, 9, $8-$10. TUES: Kelzmer en Buenos Aires, Naftule's Dream, 8, $10. KnitActive Sound Stage: WEDS: Andy Milne, 10, $7; Gul, 8, $6. THURS: Eddy Rollin Ensemble, 10, $7; Dan Rose Trio, 8, $7. SAT: Iconoclast, 8, $6; Poetry Series, 6, $5. SUN: The Song, 10, $10. MON: Penny Arcade, 9:30; Decompositions, 7:30 $10. TUES: Adam Klipple Trio, 10, $6; Straylight Dialogues, 8, $8. Old Office: WEDS: Jennifer O'Connor, Rebecca Moore, Lisa Dewey, 9:30, $7; Jorge Sylvester Quartet, 7, $8. SAT: Dimitri Gurevitch Quintette, 10, $8. SUN & MON: Peter Mazza, 8 & 9:30, $8. TUES: Golden Monkey, 8 & 9:30, $7. Tap Bar: WEDS: Wingnut, 11, free. THURS: Chalad, 11, free. FRI: Mission on Mars, 11, free. SAT: Gutbucket, 11. SUN: Bruce Eisenbeil, 11, free. MON: Joel Newton Situation, 11, free. TUES: Sam Newsome & Global Unity, 11, free.  


    162 Ave. B (betw. 10th & 11th Sts.), 212-529-8463. Sun.-Thurs. shows at 9:30, Fri. & Sat. at 11, no cover.: Truck. FRI: Newborn Naturals. SAT: Figments. MON: Bill Kelly. TUES: Martin's Folly, 9:30; Steve Keene Art Sale, 6.


    lion's den

    214 Sullivan St. (betw. Bleecker & W. 3rd Sts.), 212-477-2782 or All shows at 8 p.m. unless specified. 18 & over. WEDS: Dogs of Pompei, James Pace Band, Man & Wife, Horizon, Ballistics, 8, $7. THURS: My World, Toronados, 8, $7. SAT: Kaluka Bone, Kobi Marseka, Wish, 8, $8.


    the living room

    84 Stanton St. (Allen St.), 212-533-7235 or No cover. WEDS: Michelle Lewis, Umbrella, Shamsi, Royal City & Fiest, 7. THURS: Eric Metzgar, Em, Nini Camps of LovePie, DB Leonard, Jessica Craven, 7. FRI: Citigrass, Matt White, Seven, Nancy Falco, Jim Allen, Elissa Jones, 7. SAT: FPS, Libby, Leni Stern, Noam Weinstein, Mark Erelli, 7:45 Kyler, Kristin Cifelli, 7. SUN: Glen Hansard, 9 & 11; Danial Harnet, 8 & 10. MON: Tristan Kromer, Deb Montgomery, Coby Brown, Jeannie Wolf-Gagner, 7. TUES: Pinataland, Bob Sharkey Quartet, Richard Julian, Rebecca Martin, Jake Holmes, 7.



    171 Ludlow St. (betw. Houston & Stanton Sts.), 212-260-2323. All shows at 9, no cover. WEDS: Elk City, Alpha Dog, Gregory Paul. THURS: Ruby Keller, Gifthorse. FRI: Goats in Trees, Lit Plastic. SAT: Longwave, Gehelio Non Centric, Dante, 9. SUN: Donnybrook Fair, Favorite Son. MON: Smitty, 9. TUES: Bella.



    99 Ave. B (betw. 6th & 7th Sts.), 212-982-2511. All shows at 10 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: The Inch Worms (band from Hedwig & the Angry Inch), The Hoales, 9. THURS: "Chick Rock Night" w/Galvanized. FRI: The Brain Sugeons. SAT: Adam Roth. SUN: Vasquez. MON: Beat Rodeo. TUES: "Hardcore," weekly party feat. w/Misstress Formika & live music by Sexy Christ & Gutter Gril, $5.



    1039 Washington St. (11th St.) Hoboken, 201-798-4064. WEDS: Lifter Puller, New Rising Sons, 9, $6. THURS: Bernstein, Bob Hillman, 7:30 & 10, $15. FRI: The Folk Implosion: "One Part" feat. Lou Barlow & Glen Hansard, 10, $10. SAT: NRBQ, The Big Galoots, 7:30 & 10:30, $15. SUN: Fountains of Wayne & special guests, 8:30, $12. TUES: Juliana Hatfield, Star Ghost Dog, 9, $10.



    269 E. Houston St. (Suffolk St.), 212-254-0688 or WEDS: Playboyz with your host Q. Heffner & the backdoor boys, 9. THURS: Gloss w/DJs Krux & Catling, go-go performer Maine, 9, $5. FRI: Fragglerock houseband does the best of ROCK starring Allegra, Pam (Diabla), Sarah Greenwood, The Queen V, Amanda's Waiting, the Sugar Twins, 8:30, $7. SAT: Fragglerock houseband covers Prince feat. LP, Trance, Lindsey (Moxiestarpark), Tara Lynne, Yoshiko, Ann Hairston, Moxiepark, Triple Cream. MON: Napalm Stars, 9.



    217 E. Houston St. (betw. Ludlow & Essex Sts.), 212-260-4700. See also "Clubs & Lounges." WEDS: Mayflies USA, Dolly Varden, Mike Dutton, 7, $10. THURS: Section 8, Fono, Boodavelvets, 7, $7. FRI: Barnyard Playboys, Hound Dog, Mr. Airplane Man, Shelby Starner, 7:30, $10. SAT: Vernon Reid, Sound of Urchin, Josh Dodes Band, 8:30, $8. SUN: The Young Turks Party w/special guests & DJs, 10, $8. MON: Pamela Laws, Luxury, Kristeen Young, Taxi Ride, 7, $7. TUES: Reclinerland, Pan, Punch Havana, Catherine Porter, 7, $8.



    Asser Levy Seaside Park, Ocean Parkway, Coney Island, Bklyn. See also "Outdoors." SAT: Les Sans Culottes, Melomane & Like Wow perform immediately following the Mermaid Parade, 4-8, free.



    213 2nd Ave. (13th St.), 212-473-9398. 18 & over. THURS: JJ's Paradise Players' Club (ex-Unsane), The Kill Van Kull, The Brought Low, The Monumentals, 9.



    47 Murray St. (betw. Church St. & B'way), 212-566-3705. THURS: Sounds from Venus, monthly celebration of women in music feat. Joyce Styles, Naviv, Moe Loughran, Suhir Blackeagle, The Basals, Vickie Russell, 10:30, free.



    317 E. Houston St. (Attorney St.), 212-673-6270. See also "Skits & Improv." FRI: Latin Vibe, 11; Deep Sea Adventure, 8:30. SAT: P.I.C., 10. SUN: Krystal (pianist), 8-11. MON: Plan B Comedy, 8. TUES: Clark Gayton's Epicenter, 11:30; Train Wreck comedy, 8.


    pete's candy store

    709 Lorimer St. (Frost St.), Williamsburg, 718-302-3770. No cover. WEDS: Open mic w/Bruce Martin, 9. THURS: Howard Fishman Quartet, 10. FRI: Bee & Flower, 10. SAT: Tom Leach, 10. SUN: Lizzie West & The Penniless Wilds, 9. MON: Hank Williams' Lonesome Cheatin' Hearts Club Band, Neil Cleary, Fiona McBain, 9. TUES: Blasco's Variety Hours, 9.


    the raven cafe

    194 Ave. A (betw. 12th & 13th Sts.), 212-529-4712. WEDS: Joie & DBG hosts weekly acoustic open stage, 7-11, free. THURS: AJ Cope, Lunchin', Paul Corban, Sarah Brindell, 8, free.



    409 Kent Ave. (B'way), Williamsburg, 718-388-3929. WEDS: The Billy and/or Revy Show, 10:30. THURS: Old Rugged Sauce, 10:30. SUN: Mark Gunn's Open Blues Jam, 5-11. MON: Grey/Gorzon, 10:30. TUES: Contraband, 10:30.



    375 3rd. Ave. (27th St.), 212-683-6500. WEDS: Mary Lee's Corvette. THURS: Star City. FRI: Five Chinese Brothers. SAT: Mike Ireland, Demolition String Band. SUN: Lil' Mo. MON: Manana. TUES: The Jeremy Wallace Band.



    515 W. 18th St. (10th Ave.), 212-645-5156. TUES: The Disco Biscuits, DJ Mauricio Zuniga, 11, $15 (18 & over).


    the sidewalk cafe

    94 Ave. A (6th St.), 212-473-7373. WEDS: Diane Cluck, Tristan, Springwell, Kirk Kelly, 8. THURS: Jude Kastle, Mari Lowery, Ekayani & the Healing Band, 8. FRI: The Erics, Jonas Grumby, Sweetgrass, Michael Packer, Three Normal Humans, 8. SAT: Joie/DBG, Drew Blood, Sugar Twins, Curtis Eller's American Circus, Matt Sherwin, 7. SUN: Colin Mutcher, Artmice, Prewar Yardsale, Celia, Randi Russo, Brian Fitzpatrick, Craig Chessler, 8. MON: The Antihoot w/Lach, sign-up at 7:30. TUES: Rick Yost, Andrew Heller & the Boy Wonder, Paul Corban, Barry Bliss, 8.



    204 Varick St. (Houston St.), 212-243-4940. Doors open at 6:30 for most shows. THURS: Roy Ayers. FRI: French Caribbean Dance party w/Zic-Band, 11 & 1 a.m., $20. SAT: Brazilian Celebration of Festival de São João w/Silvana Magda & Katende, 9, 11 & 1 a.m., $20. MON: Truko y Zaperoko, 9 & 11, $20. TUES: Bilal, 8, $20, $18 adv.


    south street seaport

    Pier 17, South St. (Fulton St.), 212-SEA-PORT. Sam Goody's Home Before Midnight Free Concert Series returns. THURS: Rock 'n' sole girl band search finals w/performances by Angela Via & Ashley Ballard, 6, free.



    161 Hudson St. (Laight St.), 212-966-4225. WEDS: Reeespect w/DJs Elements of Noize, Hidden Agenda, 10, $12-$15. THURS: The New Deal, 12 & 1 a.m., $8. FRI: Transatlantic, Scott McGill's Hand Farm, 9:30, $20. SAT: High Times pres. Cannabis Cup All Star Band, No Shadow Kick, 9:45, $10. SUN: Black Lily, 9, $8. TUES: Lo Faber Band, Pozzy Guru, 9, $8.



    Avery Fisher Hall

    10 Lincoln Center Plaza, B'way (64th St.), 212-721-6500. JVC Jazz Festival. FRI: Ray Charles, Regina Carter, $20-$60. SAT: Aretha Franklin, Stanley Turrentine Quintet, $30-$75.


    BAM café

    30 Lafayette Ave. (Ashland Pl.), Bklyn., 718-636-4111. All shows start at 9 p.m., no cover, $10 min. THURS: Gene Bryan Johnson. FRI: Wunmi. SAT: Swing w/Hi-Fi Honey!



    651 Fulton St. (Betw. Rockwell Pl. & Ashland Pl.), Bklyn., 718-636-4100. $10 min. THURS: Olu Dara, 12-2 p.m.


    beacon theater

    2124 B'way (74th St.), 212-496-7070. JVC Jazz Festival. FRI: Maceo Parker, Bruce Hornsby, 8, $25-$40. SAT: Dianne Reeves, The Herbie Hancock Group, 8, $25-$40.



    315 W. 44th St. (betw. 8th & 9th Aves.), 212-581-3080 or Shows at 9 & 11 (& 12:30 Fri. & Sat.). Music charge & $10 min.; 1 drink incl. in cover. WEDS: "Celebrating Sinatra" w/Steve Lippia & the Vincent Falcone Orchestra, $25. THURS-SAT: Andy Summers, $25-$30. SUN: Chico O'Farrell Afro-Cuban Jazz Big Band, $20. MON: Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra feat. Lew Tabackin. TUES: The Famous Duke Ellington Orchestra, $20.


    Blue Note

    131 W. 3rd St. (6th Ave.), 212-475-8592 or Showtimes 9 & 11:30 unless otherwise noted. WEDS-SUN: Elvin Jones Jazz Machine w/Cecil Taylor (11:30 show only), 9 & 11:30, $20-$35 & min. SUN: Brunch w/Jon Regan Trio, $18.50, incl. brunch, show & 1 drink. MON: Ms. Dakota Staton, $10-$15 & min. TUES: Max Roach Quartet, $25-$37.50.



    745 Fulton St. (betw. S. Oxford & S. Elliot Sts.), 718-243-0424. SAT: Urban Acapella feat. Miles Griffith, David Pleasant, Kid Lucky, 9-12 a.m., $5 & $5 min.


    bryant park

    6th Ave. (betw. 41st & 42nd Sts.), 212-501-1390. JVC Jazz Festival shows from 12-2, free. WEDS: Toshiyuki Miyama the New Herd, Chano Dominguez Group. THURS: Claudia AcuMiyama the New HeFRI: Ralph Irizarry & Timbalaye, Jovenes del Barrio, Wayne Gorbea, Salsa Picante.



    120 Hudson St. (betw. Franklin & Moore Sts.), 212-399-0714. MON: Bryant DuPré & Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.



    115 MacDougal St. (betw. W. 3rd & Bleecker Sts.), 212-254-3630. Feat. The Wha? Band & special guests Weds-Sun. WEDS: Byron Moore. THURS: Jesus Perez. FRI: Cheryl Pepsi Riley, 9:30 & 11:45, $10. SAT: Elan. SUN: Bryan Stephens. MON: Brazilian Night w/Vannessa Fallabella & friends, 9:30, $10. TUES: Classic Funk night w/Ron Long, Nat Townsley, Mike Davis, 9:30, $7.


    caravan of dreams

    405 E. 6th St. (betw. 1st Ave. & Ave. A), 212-254-1613. All shows 7:30-10:30. WEDS: Marco's Jazz Trio. THURS: Greta Piano. FRI: Sanhak. SAT: Robert & Mastrianuis Group; Brunch w/Anna's Jazz Group, 1-3:30. SUN: Ursel's Jazz Trio; Brunch w/Harmut Bach. MON: Aaron Nevezie Acoustic Guitar Duo.



    157 W. 57th St. (7th Ave.), 212-247-7800. JVC Jazz Festival. WEDS: Chucho, Michel, Tomatito, $20-$50. THURS: "From Spirituals to Swing: A Celebration of Legendary 1938 & 1939 Carnegie Hall Concerts," feat. performances by the Count Basie Orchestra, Joan Osborne w/Wendy Holmes, Dianne Reeves, Angelique Kidjo, Allen Toussaint, David Hidalgo & Mike Halby, Don Byron Sextet, Geri Allen, the McCullough Sons of Thunders, Dr. John & more, 8. FRI: Cassandra Wilson, Cesaria Evora, 8, $20-$65. SAT: Salsa Jam w/Cheo Feliciano, Domingo Qui20-$65. ders, Dr. John & more, 8. e Hall Concerts," feat. performances bTUES: Eric Idle, 8, $25-$75.



    310 W. B'way (Canal St.), 212-925-5515 or No cover, $25 min. Fri. & Sat. night sets at 9, 10:45 & 12:15. WEDS: Mary Foster Conklin. THURS: Ceasar Camargo Mariano. FRI: Miles Griffith. SAT: Natalie Douglas.


    central park CONSERVATORY

    Charles A. Dana Discovery Center, 110th St. (5th Ave.), 212-860-1370. Harlem Meer Performance Festival 5/28-9/3. SUN: Harbor Conservatory Jazz Festival, 4-6, free.


    Cornelia St. Cafe

    29 Cornelia St. (6th Ave.), 212-989-9318 or WEDS: Mario Pavone, Michael Pavone, Tony Malaby, Mike Sarin. THURS: David Rodgers & Imaginary Homeland. FRI: The Roberta Piket Quartet. SAT: Brad Shepik, Tom Rainey, Chris Dahlgren. SUN: Ratzo B. Harris, Ed Cherry, Rob Thomas, Jay Rosen. MON: Contemporary Classical Series feat. Peter Herbert, 9 & 10:30, $10.



    666 125th St. (W. Side Hwy.), 212-663-7980, THURS & SUN: Melvin Sparks Blues Band, 8. FRI: Ann Sinclair, 8. SAT: Ann Sinclair, 9. SAT & SUN: Gospel brunch & dinner shows. MON: Swing Dance Cotton Club Allstars, 8.



    349 E. 13th St. (1st Ave.), 212-533-6212. All shows at 9 unless otherwise noted. WEDS: Matt Jorgensen. THURS: Mary LaRose & Ledhead. FRI: Matt Hong Quartet. SAT: Rudy Mahanthappha Quartet. SUN: The Sunday Jazz Spot.


    251 W. 30th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 212-695-2747. THURS: Matt Trieber, Blunt Force, Nikki Armstrong & Friends, 5, $5. FRI: Toke Squealy, Aberdeen, Askold Buk Trio, 5, $10. SAT: Datura, Flat Back, 10, $15.



    French Institute, 55 E. 59th St. (betw. Madison & Park Aves.), 212-355-6160. JVC Jazz Festival. WEDS & THURS: Vivendi: La Vie En Jazz, $25.



    99 7th Ave. S. (Grove St.), 212-645-0600. All shows free. WEDS: Jacob Drazen, 6-9. THURS: Pat Nicholas, 9-1. FRI: Yardena & Trio, 10:30-2:30 a.m.; Howard Williams, 6-10. SAT: Ginetta's Vendetta, 11:30-3:30 a.m.; Nadia Ackerman, 7-11; Jazz brunch w/Stepahanie Gary, 12-4. SUN: Gay Pride Day Party w/DJ David Begoon, 4-1 a.m.; Jazz brunch w/Pucci Jhones, 12-4. MON: Howard Williams Jazz Orchestra, 8-11. TUES: David Coss & Trio, 9-1.


    Iridium Room

    44 W. 63 St. (Columbus Ave.), 212-582-2121. MON: Les Paul Quartet.


    joe's pub

    Joseph Papp Public Theater, 425 Lafayette St. (Astor Pl.), 212-239-6200. WEDS: Reggae Night, 11. THURS: Personality DJ Series feat. DJs from all walks of life, 11. FRI: Harvey Flerstein "This is Not Going to Pretty," 8:30. SAT: DJ Jules, 11; Harvey Flerstein "This is Not Going to Pretty," 8:30. SUN: Love Bazaar, 11; Tony Allen, 8:30. MON: Benefit, 11; Amanda McBroom's Portraits, 8:30. TUES: Amanda McBroom's Portraits, 8:30.



    123 Mercer St. (betw. Prince & Spring Sts.), 212-343-0612. No cover. WEDS: Ray Vega: Boperation, 9. THURS: David Weiss Sextet, 9-1. FRI: Jack Walrath & Masters of Suspense, 11; Peter Cole Group, 8-11. SAT: Jack Walrath & Masters of Suspense, 11; Scott Dubois Group, 8-11; Nat Harris Quartet, 2:30-5:30. SUN: Eishin Nose Trio, 8-11; Andrea Marcelli Trio, 4-7. MON: Art Lillard Trio, 9. TUES: Radio Action, 9.



    33 University Pl. (9th St.), 212-228-8490. WEDS-SAT: Pianist Valerie Capers w/bassist John Robinson.



    827 B'way (12th St.), 212-254-6436. WEDS: Carla White & Trio. THURS & FRI: Pancho Navarro. SAT: El Mollennium Sextet; Jazz brunch w/Sarah McLawler. SUN: Evening Jazz; Jazz brunch w/The Falkner Evans Trio, $25.



    224 W. 47th St. (betw. 7th & 8th Sts.), 212-921-2005. MON: "Monday Jazz & World Beat" pres. Emedin Rivera & his band, Sambossa, 7-10.



    35 W. 67th St. (betw. Central Park W. & Columbus Ave.) 212-601-1000 or WEDS: Wax Poetic. THURS: Vinicius Cantuaria, 8:30, $12. SAT: Carl Hancock Rux, 9:30, $12. SUN: Jazz brunch w/Ron Affif (solo guitar), 11-3, free. TUES: Songwriters Hall of Fame Showcase, 8, $6.



    596 10th Ave. (43rd St.), 212-246-2030. No Cover. WEDS: The Rufus Philpot Quartet, 8, free. FRI & SAT: Karaoke, 9:30. MON: Comedy night, 9. TUES: Karaoke, 9:30.


    Museum of Modern Art

    11 W. 53rd St. (betw. 5th & 6th Aves.), 212-708-9491. FRI: Jazz at MoMA pres. Connie Grossman, Betsy Hill, Pasi 212-708-9491.) 212-601-1000 nascimento

    1068 1st Ave. (betw. 58th & 59th Sts.), 212-755-6875. THURS: Rifftide, 7:30-11:30, free.


    Nuyorican Poets Cafe

    236 E. 3rd St. (betw. Aves. B & C), 212-505-8183. The Women in Music series through Sept. THURS: Latin Jazz jam w/Syotos Band & Chris Washburne, 10, $5.



    54 E. 54th St. (betw. 1st & 2nd Aves.), 212-397-3154. FRI: Steve Swell (trombone), Gregg Bendian, Bruce Eisenbeil (guitar), 5, free.



    787 8th Ave. (48th St.), 212-307-9449. All shows at 8:30, no cover. FRI: David Brodie (bass), Chris Bergson (guitar). TUES: Cat De Silva's vocal stylings w/Jeb Patton.



    240 W. 47th St. (betw. B'way & 8th Ave.), 212-921-1940. WEDS: JVC Jazz Festival pres. Diana Krall, 8, $35-$50. FRI & SAT: Jumpin' Gigolos, 12:30-2:30 a.m.; This Joint is Jumpin', 9:30 & 10:30, $15-$25.


    symphony space

    2537 B'way (95th St.), 212-864-5400. JVC Jazz Festival. All shows start at 8, $31/night. WEDS: John Zorn: the music of Masada feat. Masada String Trio, Bar Kokhba (feat. Marc Ribot). THURS: Dave Douglas Witness. FRI: The Conga Kings, Chico Hamilton & Euphoria. SAT: Bill Frisell New Quartet, Kelly Joe Phelps.



    107 Norfolk St. (betw. Delancey & Rivington Sts.), 212-358-7503 or WEDS: Christina Wheeler, Rea Mochiach, 10; Yoshida Tatsuya Ron Anderson, 8, $10. THURS: Downtown Music Gallery 9th Anniversary continues, 12, $10; Downtown Music Gallery 9th Anniversary celebration w/Elliott Sharp, Sim Cainm, Andrew Weiss, Prelapse, Bob&Carol&Ted&Alice, Lunar Ensemble, 8, $10. FRI: Dial, 12, $5; GOBO Percussion Duo & Live Video, 9:30, $10; Fred van Hove, Johannes Bauer, Shelley Hirsch, 8, $10. SAT: The Livingsound System, 12, $6; Big Lazy, 10, $8; Zeena Parkins, Chris Cochrane, Sebastian Steinberg, Sim Cain, 8, $10; Fred van Hove, Johannes Bauer, 1:30, $6. SUN: Erik Friedlander's Minimal Notation, Maximum Improv, 7:30, $8; Klezmer Brunch w/Medina, 1:30 & 3, $10. TUES: Ski Onda Ensemble, 10, $10; Sylvie Courvoisier, Cuong Vu, Erik Friedlander, Michael Sarin, 8, $10.



    123 W. 43rd St. (betw. 6th & 7th Aves.), 212-840-2824 or WEDS-SAT: Eddie Izzard, 8, $35-$40.



    130 E. 7th St. (betw. Ave. A & 1st Ave.), 212-533-3512. TUES: Jimmy Vass, 8-12, $3.



    178 7th Ave. S. (betw. W. 11th & Waverly Sts.), 212-255-4037. All shows at 9:30 & 11:30 (add. 1:30 a.m. show Fri. & Sat.), $15-$20 & $10 min. WEDS-SUN: Brian Blade Fellowship. TUES: Kenny Drew Jr., Trio.




    243 W. 42nd St. (betw. 7th & 8th Aves.), 212-269-4849. WEDS: Opening night of new Times Square restaurant & club feat. performances by B.B. King at 8 & 10:30, $30-$50. THURS-SAT: B.B. King, 8 & 10:30, $30-$50. SUN & MON: Little Richard. TUES: Jean Luc Ponty.



    43 Murray St. (betw. Church St. & W. B'way), 212-732-2873. FRI: Sheila Garry, Brid Cranitch, Dan Collins 9 & 10:30, $10.


    MUSIC cruiseS

    South St. Seaport, Pier 16, Fulton St. (South St.), 212-630-8888. WEDS: Jammin' 105 pres. Evelyn "Champagne" King, $20. THURS: Tom Grant, $30. TUES: Son Seals, 7 & 9:30, $27.50, $25 adv.


    Paddy Reilly's music bar

    519 29th St. (2nd Ave.), 212-686-1210. FRI: The Prodigals (Celtic/Irish rock), 10:30, $5.


    propspect park bandshell

    9th St. (Prospect Pk. W.), Bklyn., 718-855-7882, ext.52, All shows at 7:30 & contrib. unless otherwise noted. THURS: Susan Tedeschi. FRI: Latin Music series pres. Barbarito Torres. SAT: Kenny Banks & the Rhythm Makers, Chocolate Genius.



    Peking, South St. Seaport, 207 Front St. (Bleekman St.), 212-748-8733. TUES: The WindLasses, the NY Packet, 6, $3.


    two boots

    The Den, 44 Ave. A (3rd St.), 212-505-5450. SAT: Music of the Balkans feat. Carol Freeman (vocals), Ismail Butera (accordion), Seido Salifoski (darabuka), 9 & 10:30, $10, $8 st.



    90 W. Houston St. (Thompson St.), 212-477-8337. Weds., Thurs., Mon. & Tues. shows at 10:30, 12 & 2 a.m., Fri., Sat. & Sun. shows at 11, 12:30 & 2 a.m. All shows $5 & 1 drink min. WEDS: Elise Wood Quintet (jazz). THURS: Juan Carlos Formell & Cubalibre (Cuban). FRI: Francis Mbappe's FM Tribe (cd release party). SAT: Marianne Ebert Group (Brazilian Bosa jazz). SUN: Cidinho Teixeira & friends (Brazilian Samba jazz). MON: Ron Affif Trio, 8 & 9. TUES: Paul Bollenback Quartet (jazz).