12-Step Help for Sexaholics

| 26 Aug 2019 | 04:32

    Yes, dear readers, there is such a group as Sexaholics Anonymous, a 12-step group which needs to be part of the vast coverage of the now late convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and the sexual lust that led to his abominable abuse of underage girls.

    Indeed, one such group used to meet monthly on the Jan Hus church premises, along with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which also need infinitely more public awareness. This is surely not to excuse or reduce any blame, but that its existence needs to be widely and generally known.

    While money is rightly said to be at the root of all evil, doesn’t sexual lust run a close second? And they are often connected, along with alcohol and other mind-altering drugs. So much that needs to be widely considered in the prevention of these sexual lust-related abuses which are also criminal offenses,

    A 2017 column of mine titled “A Sickness” needs remembering. Woody Allen said Harvey Weinstein was “a very sick, sad man.” Allen may not have been the right one to say it, but surely Weinstein’s decades of alleged sexual assaults against women do indicate a sickness. And surely he was “sad” to be outed, and maybe also sad that he relapsed from the related treatment he reportedly received abroad.

    An internet search finds Sexaholics Anonymous meetings are held worldwide but this “sickness” Is far more complicated than “not taking that first drink,” one credo of Alcoholic Anonymous upon whose principles S.A. is founded. This search found numerous related treatment groups but they get little or no coverage – nor does Alcoholics Anonymous, with less stigma attached, although a more universal problem.

    And again, the misuse and abuse of sexuality often occurs “under the influence.” And before I forget, Alcoholics Anonymous can be reached at 212-647-1680. Sexaholics Anonymous can be reached at 212-459-4044.

    And now especially isn’t this something faith groups should address about these 12-step groups which often meet on faith group premises? The public at large especially needs to hear it in the wake of the Jeffrey Epstein crimes – preventing and treating the possible sickness involved must be a significant part of the vast ongoing discussion.

    Ah, and this ongoing discussion must surely include the entertainment world - big time -, where even the once G- rated soaps have R-rated and adulterous scenes. Faithful couple, family, friendship, all platonic loves must again be lauded, featured and sought. Say that again please.

    The Gift of Grandparents

    And this surely relates to Grandparents Day on September 8, always the first Sunday after Labor Day. But why don’t all calendars list it?Most obviously, consciousness needs to be raised that grandparents matter – as do great-grandparents. Too little was said about President Obama being raised by grandparents and that Michelle Obama’s mother lived in the White House to help care for the First Daughters. And Queen Elizabeth is a grandmother whose Christmas letter once urged Britons to bring grandparents and grandchildren closer to together all year So did the late, great sociologist Margaret Mead, who in one of her last public talks implored the American Bar Association to work to bring grandparents into the lives of their grandchildren because the nuclear family urgently needed extended family support.

    Incidentally, the highly political blog of Manhattan author and playwright Sherman Yellen often includes the joy of having his grandchildren nearby. We urge this eloquent writer to also address this often unfulfilled general need, remembering those without grandchildren and those whose grandchildren are far away. Also an informal Adopt-a-Grandparent movement is an absolute must. Of course, all the above must be stressed online, where so importantly, elders often need the younger generation to enable this indispensable access.

    And oh how we need elected officials and wannabees who really believe “It takes a village”, for a society to be truly great – and, of course, that means responsible drinking, drug free and of course, G-rated. It’s not an impossible dream if enough of us share it. A lot is at stake.