| 23 May 2019 | 11:06

Get Wet
“Dynamic H20” ExhibitChildren’s Museum of Manhattan

212 West 83rd Street

Through September, weather permitting

Children and adults: $14

The museum’s water exhibit makes its seasonal return. The Children’s Museum of Manhattan calls this “the hot place for children to cool off.” It’s also educational, with children learning about how water cycles begin up in the clouds. Fun and discovery come together at the museum’s Sussman Environmental Center.

Ceramics for Teens92nd Street Y classes for young peopleCost: from $372 for seven sessions

She usually teaches ceramics to younger kids in her 92nd Street Y classes, but Nadine Sobel is excited about this summer. She wants the teenagers she will be working with to engage in projects that are inspired by their own interests and personalities. “If they love Harry Potter, they can do a Harry Potter-related project,” she says. She sees clay as “soothing and calming,” but admits it can be a challenging skill to learn. Another goal for the young people she teaches: “I’m hoping it will help them slow down and be in the moment.”