Family Devastated After 24 y.o. Woman Found Dead in Chelsea Garbage Chute

The woman left an after work party at Chelsea hot spot Catch Steak around 11:45 p.m. on Nov. 30 when co-workers put her in a yellow cab. She was living in Brooklyn Heights, but she never made it home. Her body was discovered in a garbage chute in a luxury building at 540 W. 28th St.

| 04 Dec 2023 | 04:38

The family of a 24 year old woman originally from Minnesota but living in Brooklyn Heights was reported missing after she left a party with co-workers at Chelsea hot spot Catch Steak adjacent to the Maritime Hotel on November 30. She was discovered dead in a garbage chute in a luxury apartment building on W. 28th St. near the highline on Dec. 1.

Jaclyn Rose Elmquist was working at the recruitment firm Mission Staffing and went out after work with co-workers on November 30. When she could not be reached or turn up for work on Dec. 1, her family in Minnesota began posting missing posters on social media hoping to find her. “This is the bar she was at,” posted her cousin Katlyn Kampier on X (formerly Twitter). “Her coworkers put her in a yellow cab which may have dropped her off just a few blocks away.”

The family said they were getting pings from a cell phone until it went dead. NBC News ran a surveillance video which appeared to show her walking unsteadily down West 28th St. before entering the lobby of a luxury apartment building at 540 W. 28th St. near Tenth Ave a short distance from the Highline.

It was not clear why she would have gotten out of the cab or entered the building since a police spokesperson said she was living at 1539 Park Place in Brooklyn at the time of her death.

Police were summoned to the scene shortly before 3 p.m on December 1 and EMS pronounced her dead at the scene.

“A preliminary investigation determined the deceased’s injuries are indicative of having fallen down the garbage chute,” a police spokesperson said. “There is no criminality suspected at this time and the investigation remains ongoing.”

The Medical Examiner had not ruled on the official cause of death by presstime.