Beware the Phone Scams Letters

| 26 Oct 2015 | 05:50

To the Editor:

I am a senior and your article “Phone Scammers Target Seniors” applies to me. In less than two years I have received 587 scam calls from almost every state in the United States, including Lenox. Mass., Phoenix, Ariz., Los Angeles, Calif., Texas, Ohio, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, etc Because I have an answering machine and a caller ID showing the dialer phone number, I do not answer scam calls.

I received three scam calls recently from L.A., saying it is from the Treasury Dept. and I will be arrested for not paying taxes.

When I receive a scam call, I write down the phone number. Most of the time they hang up after my answering machine message. Some leave a message telling me about lowering my credit card interest rates (received 100 calls to date), free medication, home security that the FBI says homes are broken into--want to put a sign in my yard--want my address, free food coupons, increase in electric bill rate, medical emergency alert system, customer service dept -- five days of free food and drink and a getaway -- too many for me to list. These calls all want private information and offer something in return. For calls that phone more than one time (and most do) each call has a different telephone number.

Seniors must protect their vital information, if possible do not answer these calls, do not call back. Do not get involved.

Name withheld upon request

To the Editor:

I meditate. I burn candles. I drink green tea. And I still want to smack someone.

This is how I feel about the person calling me several times pretending to be from the Treasury Department telling me to respond to their commands or else I will be arrested. Yes, I would love to slap her silly! No sane person can tolerate this sort of invasion and harassment. I am approaching 80 years old, and I certainly do not appreciate the emotional upset I have experienced.

The caller gives her name as Judy Smith and requests a call-back. I never have, in fact I have either not answered when I see the number on my caller ID or if I do while on another call, I will hang up immediately.

The first call I had some time ago a very young voice requested money and sounded like a 10-year-old boy. In the background I could hear an adult female voice asking “What is he saying?” The boy-caller repeated to her what I said: “It sounds like a scam!” With that I hung up.

The person responsible -- or persons -- should be arrested.