Harsh Justice for bikes Letter

| 05 Oct 2015 | 03:25

To the Editor:

It is a sad day when we realize that we are not the subject of foreign terrorism but the callous and mindless actions of other New Yorkers who overstep their bounds to cause undue hardship to others.

I am referring to the insurgence of cyclists on our city streets who are posing a risk to all New Yorkers. The recent upsurge of cyclists in the city due to the city’s own bad governance has caused a major crisis on our city streets- setting off cyclists with pedestrians and traffic that has become an untenable situation. Dangerous, speeding bikes are now whizzing in all directions, cutting pedestrians off at crosswalks, impeding the flow of traffic and causing major disruption and distracted driving.

By creating bike lanes in a city that was once a haven for open living, the city has created a traffic nightmare -- and let down its citizens who take joy in walking freely and openly. We need to regulate the use of bicycles on city streets that pose a risk to all pedestrians and curtail such an abominable activity that is degrading the quality of life and making the city unlivable for pedestrians who rely on the city as a place for moving and congregating.

Further, to give impetus to such a reckless activity by creating a program like CitiBike that has made the city more crowded and placed pedestrians in harm’s way -- creating even more congestion and traffic on city streets -- that was the outcome of poor planning, corporate malfeasance, and pernicious thinking is a crime. Something must be done to stop this heinous act that is being perpetrated by some New Yorkers who wish to cause chaos on city streets is a criminal act that should be governed by stricter, harsher laws and street justice for cyclists who cross the line. AJ Cross